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The Cat Rescuers Documentary

The story of four dedicated cat-loving activists in Brooklyn who are saving lives & raising awareness of a global animal welfare issue

Project We Love
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Congo Cabaret

We're producing a short music film on queers in the Harlem Renaissance, adapted from a novel by gay writer Claude McKay.

Project We Love
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The Black Gloves (Feature Film) Owlman Supernatural Horror

A psychologist suspects a terrifying conspiracy to unleash an unimaginable Horror...

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Gus Johnson Presents: PAR 9 - A Golf Course Comedy Series

I'm YouTuber Gus Johnson, and I'm making a 4-part comedy series about 4 worthless losers who try to fix a failing golf course.

Gracie's Backyard

A documentary film about the northernmost commercial permaculture farm on the planet

Project We Love
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The Circuit: Urbiessa

A film quality Sci-fi Anthology series, where fans, celebrities, and professional filmmakers work together.

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  • R.A.K.E (Random Acts of Kindness by Everyone)

    Performing random acts of kindness taking donation to perform random acts of kindness to everyday people

  • The Baby Food Dude •

    Help give The Baby Food Dude Movie (40 day diet film) to the world for FREE FOREVER on our new website

  • 2016 Propaganda Machine

    2016 Propaganda Machine is a book of poems by the author Maria Morisot; we would like to turn the book into a poetry reading video.

  • K-Men:Origins. People-clones, the revelations. Sensation !

    A documentary movie tells the story of a secret human cloning experiment in the U.S.S.R., introduces the now living cloned people.

  • Duck and Cover- A Devin Bell Film

    I am a young filmmaker who intends to make his longest and most audacious picture yet. A dark comedy thriller romance set in the 1950s.

  • Prettiest, Pretty Princess

    A surreal arthouse film by a student filmmaker about love and mental illness with a little bit of social commentary.

  • Defensive Driving Video featuring Steven Seagal

    With your help , the world will experience what driving school would be like with Steven Seagal at the wheel.

  • Harry Lime

    1972. Two neurotic men come to face with a complication from a recent job. The only question is what to do with the body in the bath?

  • Webseries documenting a NYC actress on a road trip to Hollywood! The catch? Book a gig in each city before she can advance to the next!

  • What would happen if McKenzie met Oran & Nicholas in Berkeley? And then what if they drove to Elko?

  • What does it feel like to be loved? Chandra, a webcam model, searches chat rooms for an answer, but instead, she finds a virus.

  • Eye warping journey through infinitely patterned space and grid time.

  • Project We Love
    E268c02e752c4055a52f8f3caede6a0d original

    Start your own Everyday Project in style with tricks and tips from someone who's project is nearing a decade.

  • The fires are already here.

  • Project We Love
    7723142f94028c99b1d8382168e78b96 original

    A fantastical visual world created by a roving caravan of creators. Touching on the mystical, the psychedelic, and the divine feminine.

  • "Good Funk" is a film and apprenticeship program about communities and people at the mercy of a system that does not care about them.

  • An immersive production to further look into the edgy world of psychological torment.

  • A philosophically driven experimental narrative exploring the relationship between good and evil through the utilization of aesthetics.

  • Project We Love
    5be47c94a4684d29ddd6b43d0dc1c0df original

    A film written, shot and edited all in one room. Stories soak into the mattress and stain the floor of a room we call Dream Throat.

  • Video installation on consumerism and the psychology behind buying "wants" over "needs"

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