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The Second Annual Women Sports Film Festival

Join us in smashing stereotypes, breaking barriers, and celebrating female athletes and storytellers through documentary film.

Project We Love
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DEEP CLEAN - a supernatural horror short film

Deep Clean is a live action supernatural horror short, an exciting new partnership between comic artist and filmmaker.

Project We Love
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The Bessie Coleman Story, presented by Sweet Blackberry

Animated short on Bessie Coleman, the first African-American woman to become a pilot.

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A Thousand Thoughts

A Thousand Thoughts is a documentary portrait created by filmmaker Sam Green about – and in collaboration with – the Kronos Quartet.

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The Scrooge Mystery - a feature duckumentary

A documentary for the 70th anniversary of comic-book character Uncle Scrooge McDuck and its impact on the creative world.

Off the Tracks - A Documentary About Final Cut Pro X

Apple released Final Cut Pro X in 2011 and sent shockwaves through the post-production world. Learn the story behind the story.

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Explore 11 live Experimental projects

  • Rupturas Internas - Videoarte

    Un videoarte sobre los estereotipos y cómo influyen en quienes somos.

  • Coming Out: A draft; Building In Potentia.

    Trying to come out in multiple different realities at once is hard enough, but when you're out of resources... time to ask for help.

  • Sink the worlds biggest 3d printed Titanic!

    Pretty simple... I have the worlds biggest 3d printed Titanic, and I want to SINK IT! Just like the real one!

  • ways of forgetting

    ways of forgetting is a feature dance film about the ways we try (and fail sometimes) to connect to each other in contemporary society.


    A short film in which Lord Nelson jumps off his column to follow a mysterious call from the continent

  • CAPTURING crystal clear evidence of anomalies from 20k feet!

    EXPLORING the UNKNOWN! Bringing NEVER before seen footage from 20,000 feet in the air! Investigating like NEVER before!

  • PANCHA • TANTRA Film Festival Run

    Our aim is to build a community around this film that can help propel it to the next stage of its journey.



  • QUARTET - a work of visual music art

    A short dance film with two dancers and two pianists empowering the audience to a hypnotic travel through the music & dance interplay.

  • K-Men: Origins. A Clone Men History. / A Movie.

    A feature Film based on a journalistic investigation, tells the story about the secret experiment of creation of the real human clones.

  • WET

    I am trying to host a New York City premiere for my independently funded and produced film, WET.

  • An experimental film translating the experience women have with the concept of salvation in Judaism, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism

  • Project We Love
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    Feature length time-lapse video and audio collage of the USA's diverse physical landscape via the interstate highway system.

  • Project We Love
    7dddf271239f6bd562d0a5d50327e14a original

    Tiny Out Loud challenges scale, the art world and your sense of humor.

  • Project We Love
    Ed248d34b08916454021d168bac59b8c original

    24 hours to make a short film, another 24 hours to score it. Starring a cat named Riesling.

  • Project We Love
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    An experimental short narrative about growing up, school and time travel.

  • An experimental exploration of the Juggalo subculture in Buffalo, New York.

  • A Junior Thesis Film about a stuffed toy who dreams of being human so he can play the piano. The film will be made using puppetry.

  • Convention, Animal Locomotion and Epiphora are three short films I am shooting before June

  • Project We Love
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    Start your own Everyday Project in style with tricks and tips from someone who's project is nearing a decade.

  • The fires are already here.

  • Got 17 minutes?  Click on the link, Watch the film, and let us know what you think.  What do you believe in?

  • Five people eat, sleep, work and (of course) live in a Living Room. We investigate the mundane nature of everyday existence.

  • I'm creating a poetic video centered on race, class and sexuality as it relates to the historical context of sugar.

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