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San Quentin Marathon

A documentary film about a year in the making of marathon runners inside San Quentin, California's oldest prison

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SKYWATCH: a sci-fi short

When two teenagers hack into a drone delivery system, they soon find themselves targeted - and scrambling to cover their tracks.

Project We Love
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Join NOVA: Make "Beyond the Elements"

Help NOVA and David Pogue produce a new special, "Beyond the Elements," that will inspire audiences to fall in love with science.

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Bangarang : A Short Fan Film About Rufio Before Hook

A coming of age story about a young Filipino boy who becomes a hero, inspired by the movie Hook.

The Commodore Story - Changing the world 8-bits at a time

The Commodore Story of the PET Vic20 C64 & Amiga from engineers, games developers & how CBM influenced the first 8-bit generation users

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My Love Affair With Marriage

Signe Baumane's new animated feature film infuses music and neuroscience into a personal story of love, gender and marriage.

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  • Glowing Knife vs Brand New Car

    I am making a video starring a confrontation of red hot glowing knife and brand new car.

  • Anna María going to Stockfish Festival

    I have been invited to compete in a short film festival in Iceland with my film In the Dark Room. I hope to win the grand prize!

  • #goodcancomefrombroken

    This project has a simple message: BE NICE (again) Showing five different protagonists dealing with mental health issues through life.

  • Lunacy

    LUNACY is an experimental film about the moon. A mix between super 8 & video and poetry & music. An audiovisual poem for psychonauts!

  • The Pitch

    A little league game gets stuck in a loop between pitches, but time and nature keep on ticking.

  • CANAN: S16mm/120mm for Screening/Exhibition

    CANAN is a collaborative S16mm film/120mm stills project that needs funding for both film processing and final exhibition.

  • Project We Love
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    THE WAYBACK:Virtual Reality helping people with Alzheimer's

    Using Virtual Reality to help trigger happy memories for those with Alzheimer’s, so they can share & connect further with loved ones.

  • StreetCam - Live from Brooklyn, NYC

    The funds will be used for two purchases: 1) To buy a weather proof camera 2) To buy software to manage online streaming

  • 500 Squats a day for 365 days in 2017

    This project is more of a challenge. Anything could be accomplish with devotion, hard work, commitment, consistency and support.

  • Eva Lance To The Moon

    Make Anime Real. Send the Lance of Longinus to the moon

  • An experimental film translating the experience women have with the concept of salvation in Judaism, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism

  • Project We Love
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    Feature length time-lapse video and audio collage of the USA's diverse physical landscape via the interstate highway system.

  • Project We Love
    7dddf271239f6bd562d0a5d50327e14a original

    Tiny Out Loud challenges scale, the art world and your sense of humor.

  • Project We Love
    Ed248d34b08916454021d168bac59b8c original

    24 hours to make a short film, another 24 hours to score it. Starring a cat named Riesling.

  • Project We Love
    Bd05bb708e52018fb1765af6ea97dc6d original

    An experimental short narrative about growing up, school and time travel.

  • An experimental exploration of the Juggalo subculture in Buffalo, New York.

  • A Junior Thesis Film about a stuffed toy who dreams of being human so he can play the piano. The film will be made using puppetry.

  • Convention, Animal Locomotion and Epiphora are three short films I am shooting before June

  • Project We Love
    E268c02e752c4055a52f8f3caede6a0d original

    Start your own Everyday Project in style with tricks and tips from someone who's project is nearing a decade.

  • The fires are already here.

Hundreds of films made with Kickstarter, now available on iTunes

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