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DEEP CLEAN - a supernatural horror short film

Deep Clean is a live action supernatural horror short, an exciting new partnership between comic artist and filmmaker.

Project We Love
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The Bessie Coleman Story, presented by Sweet Blackberry

Animated short on Bessie Coleman, the first African-American woman to become a pilot.

Project We Love
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Daddy Issues: A New Webseries

It costs a lot to live in NYC. Is it worth selling yourself? A web series about three friends who start an escort business.

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Off the Tracks - A Documentary About Final Cut Pro X

Apple released Final Cut Pro X in 2011 and sent shockwaves through the post-production world. Learn the story behind the story.

The Case of the Gilded Lily

1939, Los Angeles. A young starlet is in trouble. What will it take for a private eye and a junior reporter to crack the case?

Project We Love
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A Thousand Thoughts

A Thousand Thoughts is a documentary portrait created by filmmaker Sam Green about – and in collaboration with – the Kronos Quartet.

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  • Kinetics, the Film: Where Parkinson's Meets Parkour

    Following a critically acclaimed theatrical tour and the widespread demand, we are turning Kinetics into a short feature film.


    Sommaren 2017 gör LYCKE FILM sin första långfilm på Tofta Herrgård. Ett drama om kärleksrelationer, om bundenhet och frihet.

  • Suffragettes of 1918 (working title)

    A short film centered around the Suffragette Movement. A feminist film that will bring a fundamental piece of British history to life.

  • Project We Love
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    Ariella - Short Crime/Thriller Film

    Two criminals. One waitress. No one is who they seem. Starring LA Film Festival's Best Actress Hannaj Bendz and Snatch's Johann Myers.

  • work life

    Anti-corporate drama from the view of a young graduate in London; enduring a sociopathic boss and realising the dream is a nightmare

  • Evenness

    A US soldier facing the truth during the World War II, whilst his fighting his enemy. What's the truth?

  • Before I Go - Short Film

    'Before I Go' is a short fiction film about coping with the diagnosis of dementia and the struggle of accepting it.


    Esther is a psychological thriller/drama, which focuses on a man named Tavis, who is suffering from a split personality.

  • Triple "R" Short Film

    The story of an ex-convict who becomes a mentor for an inner-city youth, only to learn his true colors


    My team and I are working on our first feature length film, that we hope will get us recognition for future projects.

  • The Heavy Atoms

    Upcoming short drama film that explores the many worlds theory, parallel dimensions and delusions.

  • The 12th House

    The 12th House is a surreal, feminist short film about a women struggling with anxiety and her past self.

  • Revueltas, La Película - Revueltas, The Movie

    Largometraje que mezcla el amor, aventura en tiempos actuales, revolución mexicana, producción de cine independiente y la corrupción

  • The John Project

    The gospel of John comes to life in a 2 woman reader's theatre performance. Word-for-word NIV translation, released on both CD & DVD

  • The Night Shift: A Short about relationships & working life

    Grant lives opposite to the rest of the world, sleeps during the day, works during the night. But how does this affect his life?

  • Lost In Capanira

    A very low budget movie, filmed in shaky-cam style, about a fellow who becomes lost in the wilderness while sight-seeing with friends.

  • Hoop "Chasing the dream"

    Every player starts with a dream of playing pro. DeShun Porter is no different he is a very talented player who is chasing the dream.

  • If I Only Knew

    The line between good/evil is as close as our next heartbeat. Help us tell the story of Meredith and Jason and their fight for love.

  • Disidente - Innocence is never full protected.

    We are producing Disidente to reach a new level of intrigue. We want to show the world what they don't get to see.

  • Dream Catcher - Short Film

    Futuristic short film about a man who suffers brain damage in a car accident, and needs help building a machine that captures dreams.

  • Cold Light City

    The souls of seven are intertwined in the world of crime and the redemption of a hired gun as he tries to save the life of a target.

  • "Rentmoney" Short film for Dreamers

    The story of Giovanni, a postal worker, with ambitions of being a rapper, who is hit with hardship in pursuits of achieving his dreams

  • RED LAND (Rosso Istria)

    A movie about September 1943, in the days when the chaos breaks out in some parts of Italy tormented by the II world war.

  • The way Family should be

    I'm trying to shoot the pilot for my TV series. I wrote a script of 13 episodes. About real life stories I have seen with my own eyes.

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