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Project We Love
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The Cat Rescuers Documentary

The story of four dedicated cat-loving activists in Brooklyn who are saving lives & raising awareness of a global animal welfare issue

Project We Love
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Congo Cabaret

We're producing a short music film on queers in the Harlem Renaissance, adapted from a novel by gay writer Claude McKay.

Project We Love
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The Black Gloves (Feature Film) Owlman Supernatural Horror

A psychologist suspects a terrifying conspiracy to unleash an unimaginable Horror...

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Cycling Maven: The 2017 Grand Tour Vlog Series

Cycling Maven brings you behind the scenes of the BIG THREE 2017 GRAND TOURS with his vlog series. The Giro, TDF and The Vuelta!!

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The Circuit: Urbiessa

A film quality Sci-fi Anthology series, where fans, celebrities, and professional filmmakers work together.

Gus Johnson Presents: PAR 9 - A Golf Course Comedy Series

I'm YouTuber Gus Johnson, and I'm making a 4-part comedy series about 4 worthless losers who try to fix a failing golf course.

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  • Project We Love
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    Los Retratos de Simone

    Guión seleccionado para competir en el Rally Universitario GIFF 2017. Selected script to compete on the University's Rally GIFF 2017.

  • Project We Love
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    Guía básica para la muerte perfecta.

    Script selected to participate in the Guanajuato International Film Festival in the category of University Rally 2017.

  • The Deep Sky - a new film by Frazer Bradshaw

    The depth of sexuality and romantic love are brought to bear when an American couple open their relationship to a German woman.

  • "A Little Too Broken" Screenplay Development

    I've adapted my novel, "A Little Too Broken" into a screenplay! I'm raising funds for screenplay hosting, evaluations, contests, etc.

  • Sigaretter i tåken

    Kortfilmen "Sigaretter i tåken" utforsker vennskap, respekt og menneskesyn satt i utkanten av samfundet i Oslo på 80-tallet.

  • SARA

    Story of a young woman and her struggle with survival after a viral outbreak in London, UK.

  • El Viento y El Papalote

    Un cortometraje sobre la pérdida y la confrontación. Un filme lleno de fe y esperanza que requiere un último impulso para terminarse.

  • Homecoming - A Danish short film

    A short family drama set in 1908 about a young pianist returning home asking for forgiveness after a failed career in Copenhagen.

  • Striver's Row

    A feature film about a strong black teenage girl pursuing the American Dream. Set in Harlem, New York.

  • Ash's Homecoming (A Dramatic Parody Fan Film)

    "After he caught 'em all, the past caught up with him..."

  • Los Muros Que Nos Separan

    Liana tiene problemas con su madre Ester, quien la obliga a llevar una terapia de conversión al no aceptar su orientación sexual.

  • Façade, The Movie

    Achieving our dreams as we shoot for Sundance Film Festival with this very inspiring and touching short film called FAÇADE.

  • CARPENTER - A short film against rape culture

    The "CARPENTER" project is a community short film project designed to bring film to Manhattan Kansas.

  • Cortometraje - El mar entre las casas

    El mar entre las casas es una historia del legado de los padres, la búsqueda de libertad y el encuentro con uno mismo.

  • The cave

    Have you ever imagined how art was born?

  • HARD PROMISES - An Independent Feature Film

    Support a truly independent film that deals with the complicated and debilitating reality of loss, grief and depression.

  • I am, You are - Honors Senior Thesis Film

    In an unorthodox mental hospital run by a despotic doctor, an institutionalized man is exposed to a questionable form of treatment.

  • Funding a Film Called "Laundry"

    An LGBTQ+ film about arson, theft, and a male prostitute's plot to get away with murder.

  • El Circulo Rosa

    En el ultimo año he llevado una investigación de tesis la cual pretende finalizar en un proyecto de titulación, un cortometraje.

  • Mary Moody Emerson: Angel of Death

    Genius of 19th C Transcendental New England buried by culture. Unearthing a true original female writer and mystic in a screenplay.

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