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  • The RV Arts Project

    The RV Arts Project seeks to use an RV as a traveling venue for artists across the U.S. and a catalyst towards community development.

  • Warriors of Lemuria

    Warriors of Lemuria is a fantasy sandbox online game. Humanity pushed the gods the gods pushed back.

  • The Regulators Agenda

    The Regulators Agenda, a two month promotion for the re-launch of the revised edition of the 2 part novel The Regulators: Hell On Earth

  • Turtle Cuisine - Turtle Pet Foods

    Hi, I am creating a range of fresh turtle foods that supply all the needs for turtles that are not available. We want to go nation wide


    san francisco is changing,and it is clear the demographic, culture, and the people that provided that culture are soon to be extinct.

  • YEAR OF THE GOAT Comic Book Issue #1

    According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2015 is the Year of the Goat..a Celebration of Promise and Prosperity. Wrong...its GOATPOCALYPSE!!

  • What Pilots Are Seeing - The Untold Story

    Making a book about UFO encounters Pilots have had but are too afraid to say something in fear of losing jobs, no real names to be used

  • Soulless: A Horror Film By Dominick D'Aversa

    A new face coming to the realm of Horror films! His name... Is Soulless...

  • A Dream Never Deferred

    Two mental illness diagnosis almost deferred my dream. of becoming a writer. I need $521 to pay for a writer's course.

  • "The 100 Chicken Nugget Challenge" (Web Series)

    100 Chicken Nuggets, in 100 days. It's a 100 episode vlog/web series.

  • Chivalrous Times

    A Medieval short where two peasants venture on a pilgrimage to Canterbury, encountering many difficulties and obstacles along the way.

  • The Railsign: The first and only of its kind

    Introducing a new way to decorate, celebrate, and express your patriotism like never before!

  • The Tow

    Short film, tall idea. Written and directed by me. ~ "We dream big cause thems the only things thats free..."

  • KrypticLabs: Gaming Mouse

    Optical Tracking, LED lighting, Comfort and speed. All of this help to make a professional gaming mouse that you can depend on.

  • Le Marquise Online Literary Magazine

    an Indianapolis, Indiana based Online literary magazine by CMJ Publications

  • Help Country Artist Casi Joy Record a Nashville EP

    My name is Casi Joy, and I am a singer/songwriter ready to take my career to the next level! Please help me record my EP in Nashville!

  • Utopiacopia

    Frosty Bob and J’s Summer Camp is thrilled to remount their production of Utopiacopia at Bryant-Lake Bowl with your help!

  • Sketti Tales: An Adventure Through Space and Time

    Follow Sketti Sam and his friends on an epic adventure to discover new things and learn about the universe while having fun!

  • A Month Out There

    A movie about a couple's experiences ditching technology and living outdoors for 30 days without any prior experience. Real life drama.

  • Vallett - A Carbon Fiber Wallet the Size of a Credit Card

    A beautiful, fully functional, carbon fiber minimalist wallet, that will serve you a lifetime.