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Beautifully illustrated placemats that inspire curiosity in kids and lead to natural opportunities for faith conversation at the table.

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To become the best, you must learn from the best. We've given you access to the top artists, now we want to make it affordable for all.

Art in United States

New Maps of Historic North American Railroads

I want to take historic railroad timetables and maps and convert them into contemporary, beautiful, legible subway-style maps.

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Explore 23 live Digital Art projects

  • Make 3D Digital Art Assets Using Blender: Full Online Course

    Create for games, 3D print, modding etc. Learn 3D modelling & animation from scratch. Complete video tutorial. Like 3D studio but free.

  • New Maps of Historic North American Railroads

    I want to take historic railroad timetables and maps and convert them into contemporary, beautiful, legible subway-style maps.

  • Two-frame pictogram movie posters

    I created some colorful and detailed pictogram movie posters, depicting the films in only two frames.

  • Tarot of Brass and Steam: a Steampunk Deck

    A tarot deck of a world where Edison and Tesla are just the start, as steam and clockwork discoveries reach every corner of the globe.

  • Sunshine, Darkness & Rainbow Anti-Matter

    A project aimed at exploring quasi-generative art while making awesome, unique, and original wall prints for you in the process.

  • Bacon Portraits

    Yep, you read that right. Have a picture of your favorite piece of bacon? I'll digitally paint it, frame it, and ship it to you.

  • The MAPS Mobile: Media on the Move

    A nationally recognized after-school media arts program that wants to share their creative skills and equipment with other youth.

  • Pop Culture Minimalism

    Poster series to feature a total of 12 digitally designed posters that visit some of the biggest things in pop culture!

  • Dream Art Videos

    The idea is to create videos that describe my dreams using narrative and visual images.

  • The Unofficial Gallifreyan Tarot Deck

    The Unofficial Gallifreyan tarot deck is inspired by the written language of Time Lords from Dr Who.

  • New Printer Fund

    Please help us raise funds to purchase a new, professional grade printer for printing digital artworks for exhibitions and sale

  • LIL Animation Creations

    3D / 2D Animations and story board creations for kids and adults alike . FUN , Exciting and Creative . Design Your World TODAY !

  • Jade - Digital Art Print - Sized to fit IKEA Frames

    A limited edition digital art print designed to fit an IKEA frame perfectly. Available in multiple colours and sizes.

  • digital marker

    I want to print and sell (at festivals) tee shirts with my original art with limited editions of each new design.

  • Pi Art: Beautiful Simplicity

    Happy Pi Day! Exploring the beautiful world of Pi through simple artwork.

  • fangurley prints

    Creating Prints of original fanart.

  • Remix

    Exploring paint and its place in a digital world.

  • I love Drawing

    Help me raise money to get a drawing tablet

  • Banana Dads

    I will photoshop you in to a picture with a banana on your face and a cool quote by my dad. Sure to leave you satisified and nostalgic.

  • Good Fellows - An iOS adventure game.

    Good Fellows is an iOS adventure game with full screen graphics and a great story. Help me bring it to the iPad.