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Public Annex's First Term

Help Public Annex fund our first term of programming, making art and urban farming accessible to people with disabilities!

Project We Love
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Our Ads Here

I want to put fake ads in newspapers across the country to add a little fun and absurdity into our lives—and support local journalism.

Project We Love
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Cycle of the Werewolf- Bernie Wrightson Art Portfolio

A limited edition fine-art portfolio of Bernie Wrightson's illustrations from Cycle of the Werewolf written by Stephen King!

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Sisyphus – The Kinetic Art Table

What music brings to your ears, Sisyphus brings to your eyes. Kinetic art, technology and design merged in stunning meditative beauty.

Arsies' Painting Toolbox; A miniature painting monograph.

Those miniature painters who want to add a new dimension to their hobby or improve skills, here is the vision of a professional painter

PokéNatomy- An Unofficial Guide to the Science of Pokémon

A transformative educational art project, dissecting, expanding, & exploring the original 150 Pokémon in a fully illustrated artbook.

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  • Project We Love
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    My Google Search History, le livre : Tome 2

    Vous aimez Google, notre ami de tous les jours ! Aidez Albertine Meunier à éditer le deuxième tome de My Google Search History.

  • State of Exceptional Webnation

    State of Exceptional Webnation is the future of social media and citizenship. Be part of this revolutionary online community and state.

  • Partner with Me to improve the products I create for YOU!

    The digital art world requires up to date tools. Please help me make the next coloring book even better with an iPad Pro & apple pencil

  • Custom Digital Manga and Anime Drawings

    Have your favorite anime character drawn by me, or have your very own manga done in my style ^_^

  • StarShine Art Trading Cards

    Starting a new way to share art, get to know other artists, and help with charity funding with trading cards!

  • The Arts of War Collection (Limited)

    Incomparable recordings, transformed to digital art. Documentations, designed to highlight current international problems-sold to help.

  • Shutterfree Photo-Art Setup

    A small cash injection is needed to fund software licenses, props, actors and travel expenses to help ShutterFree get going.

  • Motivation Scope

    Spreading positive vibes through motivational videos and posts on social platforms.

  • 30 Day Stay

    Documention of the rawness of our society in a 30 day 48 state road trip with the use of video, photography, and writing.

  • Reimagined Pokemon: Conceptual Fan Art by Sofia Angus

    An on going project, re-imagining Nintendo's classic Pokemon into concepts using Photoshop and a graphics tablet

  • HD Prints of the World: Photography Adventures

    I have many sensational photographs from my world travels and adventures which I would like to produce and sell on large canvas prints.

  • I want to color my pictures digitally

    I want people to see digital and colored versions of my pics. XP-Pen Artists10S Drawing Tablet.

  • Project We Love
    272cf8ef46f8ddc3a30076b87ab5ffe9 original

    Plant virtual forests on the EIFFEL TOWER and reforest the planet! Des forêts virtuelles sur la TOUR EIFFEL pour reforester la planète! You can continue to contribute and follow us

  • Project We Love
    667a941a1d7ea25259fdc0b2a6d88137 original

    An 128 page art book of a wildly weird and dangerously interesting world from my imagination. Heaven’s Hell.

  • Project We Love
    2b9cabfb73496696c8f24cd3e53f0fd0 original

    Help eBoy build a fantastical pixel poster of San Francisco. Will feature landmarks, many hidden details, dense fog, vehicles, fish.

  • Project We Love
    741c9663154af250bdb0f4600786c160 original

    QUESTION BRIDGE INTERACTIVE is a platform that reveals the true complexity, diversity, and humanity within an identity group.

  • Project We Love
    5b659a2cf2e2276946c7145aed1c90d5 original

    An interactive, data-driven exploration of one artist’s sexuality, as seen through her first kisses with everyone she’s kissed.

  • Project We Love
    79207596264c3140e5516ebf066f7f0d original

    A 3D Printed Recreation of Coney Island's Historic Luna Park, and a 3D Scanning Portrait Studio to Populate it with You!

  • Project We Love
    76ad53f51116643566601ab737172f9c original

    Fund an art show about you! One pledge, four works of art, each produced with your data.

  • Project We Love
    62562baeb3499c3c1c8c72dc1e7c40dc original

    I Know Where Your Cat Lives visualizes public photos of cats on a world map using coordinates embedded in their metadata.