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Project We Love
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DADA: A Visual Conversation Network is an online community where artists speak to each other through drawings. Speak Visually.

Project We Love
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Sisyphus – The Kinetic Art Table

What music brings to your ears, Sisyphus brings to your eyes. Kinetic art, technology and design merged in stunning meditative beauty.

Project We Love
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Twin Peaks Enamel Pin Set

A series of three damn fine Twin Peaks enamel pins. Choose one or go for the whole set!

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The Mysterious Package Company Presents: Filigree in Shadow

Filigree in Shadow is a Victorian thriller, delivered to your doorstep by mail.

Nils Gulliksson - bilder från rollspelens guldålder

Upplev Nils Gullikssons legendariska bilder från Drakar och Demoner och andra klassiska rollspel i denna konstbok av Orvar Säfström.

The 2017 Cut Paper Art Calendar

A celebration of the imagination, transformed into strangely wondrous beings and worlds, all in intricately cut paper.

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  • Project We Love
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    The Masters of Pixel Art - VOLUME 2

    A high quality art book with pixel art from artists on some of the world's most popular 8-bit computers.

  • Project We Love
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    DADA: A Visual Conversation Network is an online community where artists speak to each other through drawings. Speak Visually.

  • Shutterfree Photo-Art Setup

    A small cash injection is needed to fund software licenses, props, actors and travel expenses to help ShutterFree get going.

  • Old Schoolhouse Residency

    Funding for an artist's residency where I will be producing Inside, a an interactive program mapping out everything I know.

  • The Squire Digital Art Glove

    For the digital artist.... Free your hand!

  • Teacher Confessional Website

    A website where those involved with education (teachers, students, parents, etc.) get to anonymously share their confessions!

  • MORPHOSIS - Coffee-table book

    A bouquet of what I admire the most, how I see it and the way I express it. A merge of beauty and mystery, a seduction story.

  • Vangoghize 10000 subjects in one year

    I will digitally turn 10000 subjects into Vincent van Gogh style and let the public freely downloading them, without limitations.

  • Custom Renaissance Pet Portraits

    Giclee print custom made from your pet's photo. Digitally painted and morphed into Renaissance royalty by artists Mike & Terri Akins.

  • My Google Search History, le livre : Tome 2

    Vous aimez Google, notre ami de tous les jours ! Aidez Albertine Meunier à éditer le deuxième tome de My Google Search History.

  • StarShine Art Trading Cards

    Starting a new way to share art, get to know other artists, and help with charity funding with trading cards!

  • Personalized Digital Anime-Styled Artworks

    Help me become a fulltime illustrator and get original and personalized anime-styled illustrations. Rewards at each tier, even €1!

  • 30 Day Stay

    Documention of the rawness of our society in a 30 day 48 state road trip with the use of video, photography, and writing.

  • HD Prints of the World: Photography Adventures

    I have many sensational photographs from my world travels and adventures which I would like to produce and sell on large canvas prints.

  • Project We Love
    79207596264c3140e5516ebf066f7f0d original

    A 3D Printed Recreation of Coney Island's Historic Luna Park, and a 3D Scanning Portrait Studio to Populate it with You!

  • Project We Love
    76ad53f51116643566601ab737172f9c original

    Fund an art show about you! One pledge, four works of art, each produced with your data.

  • Project We Love
    62562baeb3499c3c1c8c72dc1e7c40dc original

    I Know Where Your Cat Lives visualizes public photos of cats on a world map using coordinates embedded in their metadata.

  • Project We Love
    D3245a320b1b582cfc45aeebd70638cc original

    We will create a series of data visualisations showing the interaction of characters, scenes and locations of your favourite movies

  • Project We Love
    272cf8ef46f8ddc3a30076b87ab5ffe9 original

    Plant virtual forests on the EIFFEL TOWER and reforest the planet! Des forêts virtuelles sur la TOUR EIFFEL pour reforester la planète! You can continue to contribute and follow us

  • Project We Love
    667a941a1d7ea25259fdc0b2a6d88137 original

    An 128 page art book of a wildly weird and dangerously interesting world from my imagination. Heaven’s Hell.