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  • Molly and the Frog

    Molly and the Frog is a book and media project to bring to life a story told by a father to his daughter for 18 years.

  • Men of Valor Women of Virtue:Clothing Jewelry & Accessories

    Jewelry and clothing that is full of personality and vibrancy. A brand offering both simplicity and fashionable alternatives.

  • California: Beaches,Tacos, and Babes | Art Photobook

    Together lets create a captivating photobook filled with the diversity, culture and landscapes in what is California. Lets do it!

  • 4SeTV™ - Watch 4 TV Channels on Any Screen At Once

    A Whole New Way to Get TV: Watch four live TV channels at once on your tablet, smartphone, or big screen TV!

  • absorbDC

    Guaranteeing the best happy hour specials to all registered users. Happy Hour. Done Right.

  • Akeem Howard Apparel

    Akeem Howard Apparel is an innovative avant-garde hand painted custom apparel company, the "3D Art Line"

  • ZuGo Pet Handbag: Redefine Travel for Small Pets

    ZuGo Pet: A pet carrier that's a car safety seat, airline compliant, designer bag, hands free leash & dog bed all in one.

  • Please Help Fund The REDLINE DRIVE Debut Album!!

    Redline Drive is recording their debut EP, with intentions for a Fall 2015 release, and needs YOUR HELP to fund the project.

  • Martial Illustrations

    An educational/interactive coloring book for kids based on the martial arts but made custom for different martial arts schools

  • Requiem Of An Assassin

    Time to fully become in touch with one another, as a genuine race alone. That race being HUMAN, we love through the mind, time we feed.

  • Arrays of Light: CD of Schramm's Music for Ponzo

    New CD of Betsy Schramm's Music written for Mark Ponzo for trumpet, flugelhorn, brass quintet, with piano and percussion. 80 minutes

  • Jeff Rothenberg's Debut Album 'It's Time'

    Support and pre-order ‘It’s Time,' original folk-rock music accented with songs by Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens and Stephen Kellogg.

  • Chinaman Wu-Ping: Stranger Out of Canton

    The Last Dragon & Five Deadly Venoms combined with The Raid, Ong Bak and The Warriors. Pemium Indy Film.Real martial arts, Real stunts.

  • Morse Code Pi

    A Morse Code training device based on a RaspberryPi B+ and 64x128 Graphic LCD screen mounted in a small wood case with telegraph key.

  • The Davy Rule: Children's Book by Olyn Ozbick

    A children's book about bullying with real life dog Davy Whippet, a 2-time Guinness World Record holder and 4-time World Frisbee champ

  • I Melt, I Howl by Billy Shaddox

    This album was born in a time of change. It’s about being excited to move forward and being unsettled where you are.

  • A Game Of Chance

    A dark comedy/thriller with a twist! Following one mans abduction and forced participation in a game of Russian Roulette.

  • Bunco: a Y2K comedy

    A short film by Cook St. Productions that explores panic and preparation in the hours leading up to midnight on December 31, 1999.

  • Automotive/Landscape/City Photography

    I am working on developing my photography passion. With a passion in photography as well as automotive, city, and landscape.

  • L.I.F.E.

    First ever Massively Multiplayer Offline Game! A game where you must take on real life quests to advance in game.