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  • ThynkBot - a Mini-Robot You Control with Your Thoughts!

    ThynkBot is a mind-controlled robot that uses with the power of your brainwaves.

  • 30,000 Litres - a Water Rights Documentary

    30,000 Litres is about water privatization in Ireland and the social change movement that has been spurred by this austerity measure.

  • Jackpot

    John lives in a cheap apartment, works in a rundown job, and has a boss half his age. On the day he gets fired, he finally has his day.

  • Life in Black & White

    A comedy web series about loveable oaf Kevin who finds life more difficult than he imagined when he moves in with cocky gay guy, Markus

  • Feeding Families

    Help us grow fresh, healthy produce so that we can feed those who may not be able to afford it

  • Greetify

    Greetify is a new type of greeting card that allows you to attach digital video messages to your gifts.

  • ILLUMINATIve Streetwear

    Streetwear from the Shadows. Bringing that clothing with the ill appeal.

  • Par(ad)is. 2 extra letters that give Paris a new identity.

    A new and enthusiastic identity for Paris. Backed by a collection of cool objects/Une identité réinventée de Paris et des objets cools.

  • Cassandra's Castle TV Miniseries

    Magic. A rebellion. And a teenager's heart is torn between a cause and a king.

  • Faces Of The Wild - A Photo Book

    "Faces of the Wild" is a photo series of 100 images featuring exquisitely executed depictions of the silence of animals held captive.

  • The Win Bin

    The Win Bin is a dark new comedy created by Kate Kennedy and Sara Joyce. For anyone who's ever applied for a job.

  • Pirates at Play Calendar

    A comedic calendar featuring lady pirates in action! Something your mother would approve. (Better get one for her too.)

  • Spider-Man The Web Series

    Spider-Man The Web Series is about a comic book superhero live action series made for the fans by the fans.

  • #BeyondWordsGaza

    #BeyondWordsGaza is an art project to paint the lives that have been lost in Palestine, and then donate the portraits to the families

  • The Mini Maker, a kid focused makerspace

    The Mini Maker is Lansing Michigan's new kid friendly makerspace. We're dedicated to help kids imagine, develop and build.

  • Batman Beyond: RESURGENCE

    A gritty reimagining of the Batman Beyond Universe. Terry battles the Jokerz, who have a big plan of terrorism up their sleeves.

  • Journal of Academic Opinions on Public Companies (volume 1)

    This journal publication is a series of academic opinion collections from Professors, PhDs on public companies, focusing on high Tech.

  • Changing the Bee Life, One Hive at a Time

    Our mission is reestablishing wild bees. By having genetically superior bees we help eliminate disease. Help us spread good traits!

  • Albertine - Revolutionary shoes

    Albertine are the new female shoes, with interchangeable heel and plateau. 100% Made in Italy.

  • 50 Shades of Grey Coloring Book

    An adult color in book in a limited edition that can be colored in whatever shade because we luckily have the freedom of expression.