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  • The Man Who Flew To Earth. Documentary in Post-Production

    Follow one stuntman's quest to achieve the impossible: to jump out of a helicopter at 2,400ft and land without using a parachute.

  • Disciples Of The Storm RTS

    When deities go to war, align your tribe to one of them and lead your people to glory and power

  • Fund Belt Magazine's Writers Through 2015

    Quality journalism does not come free. Belt Magazine pays writers a fair wage: your support will ensure we continue to do so.

  • TitleShot

    The "Raging Bull" of professional boxing films, thousands of feet of film in the vaults for 20 years. A real life ringside fight drama.

  • Killer Cocktails From Outer Space

    Cocktail recipes inspired by your favorite science fiction. Campy, fun, and maybe even a little crazy.

  • Inside Passage

    A non-traditional documentary project about a woman’s search for her Tlingit Indian foster siblings.

  • Foragers

    Take on the role of an ancient forager in this fun strategy game from the designer of Biblios.

  • Summerwood Charm

    Inspired by nature, this wearable art is made with the environment in mind and with the intention of bringing hope to those in need.

  • 1%: Privilege in a Time of Global Inequality: a photo book

    If you are concerned that the top 1% of the world owns 50% of all wealth, then this is the photo book for you!

  • Save the Montreal Chamber Orchestra / Sauvez l'OCM

    Founded in 1974, the MCO is facing a crisis that may threaten its future./Fondé en 1974, l'OCM vie une crise qui menace son avenir.

  • Maiden Rock Recording

    Sherry Ladig's new recording of her original music in Celtic and other folk styles spans 30 years of composition and performance.

  • Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire 2015

    The Seventh Annual RI Mini Maker Faire returns to Providence on August 8, 2015. Help us make it happen!

  • Biergarten - The Tile-Placement-Game of Alpine Traditions

    Biergarten is a game of comfortable atmospheres, Alpine heritage, and cold bier. It's designed as a quick game for a relaxing afternoon

  • HamShield for Arduino (VHF/UHF transceiver)

    HamShield lets your Arduino talk to far away people and things using amateur radio bands (Coverage: 136-170MHz, 200-260MHz, 400-520MHz)


    Three cowgirls--veteran Dillie, pioneer Tanya, and prodigy LeMoine-- hustle for land, cattle, and respect in deep Texas. A feature doc.

  • Zak Foster Quilts

    An industrial longarm quilting machine will enable me to grow my business and meet rising demand by making quilts better and faster.

  • Tall Tales Part 3 Animation

    Animation about fantastical answers to kid's questions - with witches, krakens & adventure! Taking our animation to the next level.

  • The Cards of Cthulhu - Beyond the Veil Expansion

    An epic expansion to our Cards of Cthulhu card game! Featuring a new Cult Board! New Investigators! New Cards!

  • Mirenda #1

    Issue 1 of Mirenda, the story of a jungle woman on a journey to remove a terrifying, possibly undead creature from her leg.

  • Take Physic, Pomp

    Shakespeare's apothecary of words and wisdom; a book to heal the ills of modern life—from fracking to finance to factory farming...