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  • dogbiscuits

    dog biscuits of 75% meat without flavorings / fragrances.No offal, no animal by-products, No cushioning materials.

  • Daddy, NOW I Understand

    A Film about daughters and the relationships with their fathers who suffered from Combat Fatigue. Their stories, their words.

  • Hard in Heels

    Hard in Heels movement describes the woman who acts like a lady but thinks like a man.This movement will encourage women to be leaders

  • Anto’s Design - Fashionable and Unique Men’s Shoes

    Genuine Nubuck Leather Men’s Shoes Hand-Crafted by Guatemalan Artisans that You’ll Love

  • Bering Sea Storm

    Newtok, a small Bering Sea coast community is fighting for it's survival. Mother Nature closing in on the town with time running out.

  • Back at it Again! The Ambras Playing Cards

    Looking for medieval playing cards, well look no further! Two beautiful decks of cards!

  • Chris and Robin's 1st children's Book

    Our vibrantly illustrated children's Book can assist children to cope with school anxiety by offering a practical way to manage fears.

  • Pyrite

    Pyrite is a film about redemption in an 1800's, mining town, where all that glitters is not gold.

  • The Mightiest of Swords, Book 1: The Inkwell

    Help finance a professional cover artist create a cover for my upcoming novel: The Mightiest of Swords, Book 1: The Inkwell

  • The 364th

    A compelling mystery that is an injustice to every American soldier.


    Hollywood studios are going digital and small-town theaters must make the costly upgrade or "go dark". The Wayne Theatre is among them!

  • The Magic of Friendship - Directed by Daniel Burke

    In this action-comedy, two dorky best friends try to win their school's talent show while facing life or death circumstances.

  • Farm to Market 2015

    With your support, 2015 could be the year our small family farm begins marketing organic produce locally!

  • Chelsea Gill is Making a Record!

    Life is wild with so many stories worth telling. I've tried to capture those stories as songs for YOU! Let's create music together!

  • The Sombrero Project: The Great American Horse Drive

    A short film documentary of the last annual horse drive in the United States. A legendary ride and the last of its kind.


    A Killer stalks the streets on a mission. Could he indeed be the bearer of the God’s New Commandments, or is all he simply a madman?

  • Surf lessons

    Will teach surfing to people by making videos with a GoPro from beginner to advanced.People can contact me for face to face lessons.

  • The Big Band Theory Music Festival

    The Philly music scene is full of amazing talent. This annual music festival is to celebrate those gems within that scene!

  • The Greatness of Humanity

    Let's celebrate us

  • Meteorite: A Unique Gift

    Meteorite is a specially designed Paperweight. A unique blend of art and technology, hand-crafted to perfection.