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  • PROJECT X 2015

    Tonight's about the girls we never had a shot at. Tonight's about changing the game

  • Long-Term Relationship

    "LTR" explores the crazy, insane and sometime thought provoking adventures of newly coupled Mike and Tasha

  • "Ollie Man" Playing Cards

    "Ollie Man" Playing Cards: Who's the Grooviest character of them all? Designed by Skatecase inventor, Alexei Novitzky.

  • Random Acts of Life

    Doodle mysteries,collage's for you or poems for life. I love being creative and want to see how far I can take it.8$ a page,made for u.

  • BeeQyn- A tracking beacon for luggage. On iPhone and Android

    Know when your bags arrive. Don't wait by the carrousel. Don't wait for your ride. Leave the airport fast and stress free.

  • The Apartment Project

    Through three vignettes, viewers become privy to the goings-on of an apartment building.

  • NZ Hosting

    We want to re-innovate the way web hosting works in NZ

  • M&K BBQ Sauce

    A sauce so good it even works on Sunday.

  • Guinness World Record Mosaic: Nicolas Cage's Face

    Imagine a world of peace created by a mosaic of 1 million photos making one giant Nicolas Cage face. That's the world I want to live in

  • Independent Film: "Pickup"

    "Pickup" is an independent film project about an illegal narcotics deal going entirely wrong resulting in a hostage scenario.

  • Open Combat - Miniature Skirmish Game Rulebook

    Open Combat - create the heroes, adventures and battles of your imagination.

  • Camp Omigosh (middle grade novel)

    Camp Omigosh by Wade Bradford is a hilarious, not-your-typical campfire adventure for ages 8 - 12.

  • The SkeinMinder

    Alpenglow Yarn is making winding yarn a breeze! We're automating motorized skein winders so indie dyers can make more beautiful yarn.

  • Trio of Card Games!

    Looking to start a game developing business called Bright Twin Games. Three of the card games I've created are part of this Kickstart.

  • Circa53truck

    Artisan Coffee house on wheels!

  • Strength of a Woman

    Inspirational art reflecting the human experience launches with my "Strength of a Woman" t-shirt collection for the empowered woman

  • Lore Bits - Glimmering Game Counters

    Upgrade your game night with shiny Lore Bits game counters.

  • Voices from Gothenburg Podcast

    We look to give voice to the immigrants of Gothenburg, each week we interview people from all over the world to hear their stories

  • Handmade Life

    I want to start a small scale handmade kitchen tool business, starting with spoons then progressing onto bowls etc

  • Help Austin Finish His Album!

    It's been way too long & I am finally working on a self-produced album of originals. Buy in advance & help me fund some studio time.