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  • Sommarbio Falun

    Sommarbio Falun är en filmvisning utomhus som kommer att äga rum på Medborgarplatsen den 12/8 2015.

  • REJECT, a documentary about rejection and acceptance

    “For anyone concerned with our children’s future, this film is an absolute must-see.” —37th Cleveland International Film Festival

  • Haudi - Hear and understand dialogue on your TV!

    Haudi is a voice-enhancing sound processor that provides crisp and clear TV dialogue. It's like reading glasses for your ears!


    A film of the universe of Sam Szafran. One of the most important painters in France today.

  • The Urban Farm Company

    Farming in the city, the potential to have your own vegetable patch sitting on your window. The dream to eat something you created.

  • Under The Rim

    A sports drama series about a young, nonathletic Filipino American who decides to follow his dream of playing professional basketball.

  • TIM COLE - feature-length documentary

    Timothy Brian Cole died in a Texas prison. He was innocent! Help us tell his story.

  • Sketch Wallet

    Always have your sketchbook with you with Sketch Wallet! It's a leather wallet with a sketchbook inside.

  • "I... am a Veteran"

    “ a Veteran”© aims to show a more human and everyday face to being a Veteran outside of parades, medals and charity.

  • dRainCube - The Rain Barrel of Today

    Redefining water capture devices through innovation, engineering and aesthetics. #FillTheCube

  • Chino para niños y no tan niños

    Guía para aprender chino fácilmente a través de asociar imágenes a conceptos, además, aprenderás a construir frases intuitivamente.

  • UAV Drones, Collateral Damage and International Law

    UAV Drones, Collateral Damage & International Law explores the narrative that the U.S. Drone Strike Policy violates International Law.

  • Lemon Hard - Album release

    Lemon hard, Italian indie rock band is looking for funds to produce their first self-titled album! Don't stop to help IndieRock!

  • Help Me Start My Music Career.

    Hey everyone! I'm an aspiring musician whose very low on funds and I'm trying to make my own music studio for people like me.

  • BeyondFused - Download Complete

    Our first complete album! Our EP can be found at, but we think we sound a bit different with our new singers.

  • Get Ancient Micro Roast Coffee A Commercial Grinder

    Ancient Fire Micro Roast Coffee supplies Northern Ca. with freshly roasted coffee for local markets and restaurants. A true micro roast

  • "Table For Two" Short Film

    "Table for Two" is about a fictitious dinner between Oswald and Ruby the night before JFK's assassination.

  • Frickin' Delights Donuts Needs a New Space

    We have outgrown our kitchen! Very simply, we need staff, equipment and a new place for production. Help us so we can make more donuts!

  • Cute T-Shirts of Significant Figures in History

    The mission of Bidao' Tees is to inspire smiles, raise curiosity and to spark questions with T-shirts.

  • Meet The Burners

    A photographic study of the synchronicity between self-expression at Burning Man, and self-expression in everyday life.