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    I'm Releasing a New EP- But I Need YOUR Help To Bring It To Life! Mystical, Catchy, Alt-Pop/Rock Music & Lyrics Await You...

  • Help Build ACRE's New Home in Chicago

    Help ACRE achieve our most ambitious project to date: the renovation of our new space and expansion of our Chicago programming!

  • Flotsam

    A story about the people that make the biggest party in the country possible. All hail the Street Sweepers of Mardi Gras!

  • Noki: The smart doorlock for Europe

    Noki is the first smart doorlock for Europe. It opens your door when you come home and locks it when you leave.


    FLUIDØ is VIRUS, SEX, HACK, DRUG & CONSPIRACY. Shu Lea Cheang, director of cyberpunk cult film I.K.U, is set to direct FLUIDØ in Berlin

  • Dr. Charles Levine GIN KIT – Make your own gin

    The Dr. Charles Levine GIN KIT allows you to make your own gin at home. All you need is this kit and a bottle of ordinary vodka.

  • RANEYTOWN: bring Rebeca Raney's whimsical world to life

    Help artist Rebeca Raney bring her whimsical world of RANEYTOWN to life with RANEYTOWN Goods, launching at our NYC Pop-up this summer.

  • "I Used To Be You"

    Hamada has been photographing herself as her elderly alterego since 2012 confronting ageing, mortality and one's own legacy.

  • #AsiaToAmerica: Without a Plane

    Take an expedition across 23,000 miles through a book of compelling photographs and inspiring stories.

  • The Blockheads: Beyond the Call of Dury

    The Blockheads are a British institution, who've played on some of the biggest records from the 60s to the present. This is their story

  • CSPLYeu

    CSPLYeu is a 30cm by 30cm hardcover cosplay photobook containing over 50 cosplayers from 12 European countries.

  • The ultimate sleep sanctuary: Kokoon EEG headphones

    Sleep better with the worlds first sleep sensing EEG headphones. Perfect peace and comfort with audio that responds to your sleep.

  • TRAPPED → A Documentary to Protect Women's Rights

    UPDATE! A generous donor will be matching pledges between now and May 23. Your gift will have twice the impact. Please contribute!

  • CONNECT | Make Better Moments

    A beautiful deck of question cards backed by research and proven to spark better conversations.

  • Imbue - The Magnetic Tea Infusing Vessel

    Brew great tasting loose leaf tea anywhere, without having to bring your kitchen along for the ride.

  • RUSH Toons by Fantoons. Volume 2112

    A 150-page fantoons book packed with RUSH comic strips, parodies, art and illustrations about the mother of ALL power trios.

  • Evil Dead: The Musical

    Ghost Light Theater is looking to create its biggest show yet, the bloodiest celebration of the Raimi's legendary trilogy!

  • Northwest Passage: A Doc About Growing Up In Twin Peaks

    The strange-but-true story of how one gay teenager's obsession with Twin Peaks took him on a wild and dangerous ride into adulthood.

  • LightSail: A Revolutionary Solar Sailing Spacecraft

    Unlimited free energy from the sun will provide CubeSat propulsion and revolutionize access to space for low-cost citizen projects.

  • Death Metal

    A practical effects driven splatter comedy featuring a metalhead, his guitar and carnage.