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Architrays by the7thFl

Architecture inspired concrete desk accessories

Project We Love
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Cirrus Shower: Revolutionary Experience, Uses 75% Less Water

A new innovation in the way you shower; luxurious experience and superior cleansing that uses 75% less water.

Project We Love
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Hydrogen - Bag with wooden handles and bottom

Made from industrial offcuts: textiles designated for barber chairs and veneers normally used for the interior of cars and yachts.

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Manta Sleep Mask - World’s 1st Modular Eye Mask for Sleeping

Best Sleep Mask for 100% Blackout. Perfect for Power Nap, Insomnia, Jet Lag. Never Let Poor Sleep Interfere With Your Epic Life Again.

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Cora Ball - Microfiber Catching Laundry Ball

Protect the ocean environment with this easy-to-use laundry ball that catches microfibers shedding off our clothes in the washer.

AXIL XP Series Earplugs: Defender & Reactor

Customize Your Hearing Protection With Our Dynamic Impulse & Switch Filtering Technology

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  • My First 3D MoonRay Printer

    I make 3D Models using zbrush. I need a 3DPrinter to open up a 3D model marketplace. I'd Design, print, upload and sell my creations.

  • Portland Gear Hub Bike School

    The Portland Gear Hub's Bike School will create a learning space equipped with bike tools, stands and community-focused programming.

  • HoloInvites

    Holographic Greeting Cards, bringing an augmented reality experience to Android, iOS devices and HoloLens on Greeting Cards.

  • Social Music Platform Idea

    Social music website (like SoundCloud) but with a twist, for artist to help them get more listeners and fans to their music.


    Your team - your football. Help us and make Balldesigner happen and design the football of your dreams!

  • Project We Love
    C6475426e618d6cb217b8960b7b4305d original

    As a food artist, I create edible experiences with delicate, handmade pralines - for you to enjoy

  • A comfortable and affordable EDC spinner toy CNC machined from stainless steel. Designed for maximum spin time for your fidget needs!

  • Up periscope! A periscope that can be raised (and lowered). Keep an eye on the action in the street over the fence ... or cube wall.

  • Who wants to build, enjoy, and share transformative sauna experiences this winter—& every season following?! Sauna Society needs you.

  • Subform is CAD-inspired design tool for Mac and Windows, focused on the unique constraints of user interface design.

  • Project We Love
    610c25ed38d75f773060b6f1fef74f50 original

    Eco-friendly, giant building blocks to fire up your children's imagination: castles, animals and robots all in one toy. Get yours now!

  • An engaging online magazine featuring photography and visual stories of New York.

  • CLASS - Cultivating Life Above Society's Standards! Let's elevate and empower our youth to value their TRUE selves and be PHENOMENAL!

  • "An island of compression inside an ocean of tension" -------- It is time to own your own island!

  • To stop climate change, the fossil fuel economy must be disrupted. Come learn important nonviolent direct action and support skills!

  • Project We Love
    F48ec48efacd5abe7b3213d4b1bb6b53 original

    Reconstruct the past in real leather with Skelosaurz! The dinosaur skeleton kits brought back to life with primal skills & water!

  • Wylder is an online adventure goods marketplace for the modern outdoorswoman: dirty feet, salty hair, chalky hands, & a free spirit.

  • Project We Love
    Fefa93cff15370b368e44bd6ef5482f1 original

    High-quality greeting cards that you can buy online anytime, send them anywhere, and watch them come to life with the Happy Goon app.

  • Project We Love
    31a4c484757b4cac8dcfe7aed7d464ca original

    Use the language of flowers to create gifts & arrangements that transmit love, fun, connection & magic! We create gifts (& events) that will deepen your relationships without your even trying!

  • MUDLAND is an indoor playspace for children, using natural materials and surprising design. Featuring changing play installations.