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PIXIO — Magnetic Construction Set In The Pixel Art Style

An elegant magnetic construction set in which each cubic block can be attached to either side of another block.

Project We Love
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Hand-Crafted Wooden Guitar & Ukulele Capos

Beautifully Crafted Capos.

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CUBOS Hardwood PlayCube (Made in Canada)

0% plastic, 100% natural.

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Cora Ball - Microfiber Catching Laundry Ball

Protect the ocean environment with this easy-to-use laundry ball that catches microfibers shedding off our clothes in the washer.

The bFan®: For a Cooler, more Restful nights sleep.

The bFan® delivers a cooler, deeper, more restful night’s sleep while saving you money on your electric bill. Adjustable height.

THE ERGO Posture Transformer | Perfect Posture Instantly

Effortlessly align, support and strengthen posture. Relieve neck, back and shoulder strain with the most advanced wearable solution.

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  • The First Photo Book App with Stickers, Video & Messages!

    Create a photo book of friends & family events and everyone in the book can add messages, stickers & video.

  • My First 3D MoonRay Printer

    I make 3D Models using zbrush. I need a 3DPrinter to open up a 3D model marketplace. I'd Design, print, upload and sell my creations.

  • Project We Love
    Fa218477a3b67e23fb85cd2e8a1793e6 original

    Designercise exercises energize creative thinking, with 20+ games combining design thinking and cognitive sciences, creating a toolkit for professional play!

  • Project We Love
    3d02f0c202d98dc1cb75a3f81e239012 original

    UmbrellaHere is a light that turns your umbrella into a smart umbrella. It's also signals that your umbrella is available for sharing.

  • Project We Love
    406c252816a2cf749626db44d1b060b8 original

    We're making coding tangible for children ages 3 and up.

  • Project We Love
    0d96776d722d71e0cf338efb4a4987e5 original

    Our cool lab gear, storybooks, and science activities for young girls will inspire the next generation of innovators.

  • Project We Love
    85ed91cbbc49cb12ffc61ebc03150de3 original

    I’m making a book that provides clear steps on how to create a durable, sustainable solo design practice. I need your help to print it.

  • Project We Love
    Da5b49c0044293ad104b94e3fcdec13b original

    Better engaging current and future generations of secret agents through interactive, educational design and inspiration.

  • Project We Love
    610c25ed38d75f773060b6f1fef74f50 original

    Eco-friendly, giant building blocks to fire up your children's imagination: castles, animals and robots all in one toy. Get yours now!

  • Project We Love
    Dd39a6e0273bb9ce9b26a2feb7ba2731 original

    REDESIGN YOUR SNEAKERS! With 3D printed accessories. Create your own style and take your feet back!

  • Project We Love
    37b607d6c5f3a2c995862954ebd7344b original

    This garden will provide a space for students and teachers at Root to interact with and learn from the natural world.

  • Project We Love
    F48ec48efacd5abe7b3213d4b1bb6b53 original

    Reconstruct the past in real leather with Skelosaurz! The dinosaur skeleton kits brought back to life with primal skills & water!

  • Project We Love
    Eefe906ac93a22b7cf843c21879e8d27 original

    A Raspberry Pi computer for anyone to create and invent with technology. Build electronics. Invent power-ups. Create the future.

  • Project We Love
    31a4c484757b4cac8dcfe7aed7d464ca original

    Use the language of flowers to create gifts & arrangements that transmit love, fun, connection & magic! We create gifts (& events) that will deepen your relationships without your even trying!

  • Project We Love
    Cbb4ae52c9d00aba218ff07004b801c4 original

    An optical illusion temporary tattoo. Point your finger at someone and remind them: "THOU ART MORTAL."

  • Project We Love
    442c6d03d9b0b20fa0e5335f1d01de65 original

    Let's build the world's largest air-purifier! Kick start The Smog Free Movement by creating clean air zones in cities around the globe. And get a Smog Free Ring as a symbol of 1000m3 clean air.

  • Project We Love
    2df0abbd03a03bfcb8e17775db8f867e original

    ___Shift simply stores and frames your collections, memories and inspirations, bringing appreciation to analog media.

  • Project We Love
    C6475426e618d6cb217b8960b7b4305d original

    As a food artist, I create edible experiences with delicate, handmade pralines - for you to enjoy

  • Project We Love
    8da8ab30bf2973656e99bc445900add4 original

    Help me build a mobile historical society dedicated to sharing SoHo's significant and fascinating past!

  • Project We Love
    Fefa93cff15370b368e44bd6ef5482f1 original

    High-quality greeting cards that you can buy online anytime, send them anywhere, and watch them come to life with the Happy Goon app.