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Project We Love
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The Feast Project

Building simple handmade furniture that's crafted from solid wood to last a lifetime and more.

Project We Love
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Catskill Soap Company - Send us back to the Renaissance

We are makers of lusciousness: soaps, creams, lotions, scrubs, incense and body oils that even a Queen would love!

Project We Love
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We Are All Artists - Creative Mindfulness Cards

Art and Mindfulness combine in short easy to follow prompt cards that will transform creativity into a powerful tool for good.

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Project We Love
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Empowering Syrian Refugees With Handcrafted Heirloom Rugs

Your pledge for one museum-quality rug will empower and employ one refugee for up to one year. Introducing: The Anka Cooperative.

Kitsu-Inu Enamel Pins

These kawaii dogs want to become Kitsune Enamel Pins, with your help!

Project We Love
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Palaeoplushies Presents: A Life-size Archaeopteryx Soft Toy!

Help fund the production of a flock of accurate, life-size Archaeopteryx plush toys designed by Palaeoplushies.

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Explore 7 live Printing projects

  • Mtn.Record Adventure Journals

    Mtn.Record Journals are your personal storage for every adventure. Leather outer, refillable inner, plant a tree, love your journal.

  • Classy Greeting Cards

    Designing classy, simple, and sometimes vintage, greeting cards for folks to send to friends, family or business clients.

  • The Book of Destiny and Other Stories

    This is a project about the art of handcrafting, the passion for books, the love for our dear ones and about… magic.

  • Quirky Girl Print Co Fundraising Campaign

    I'm creating customized print designs that can be given as gifts to others or to yourself!

  • Diversity in Christmas Wrapping Paper

    Our goal is to create wrapping paper that reflects the diversity of our community with bold and beautiful illustrations.

  • 3d Memories

    3d memories, es una compañía especializada en fabricar recuerdos de sus angelitos, mediante tecnología 3d, sin medios invasivos.

  • Goddess Intuitive Tarot Deck

    Custom designed tarot deck. Created by hand, each drawing is an original, assigned meanings by Bedouin Gypsy, the artist.

  • Project We Love
    6066fcbe45a51caedeaee737a8df97ce original

    Woodcut block printing is simple process but produces a bold traditional look. Turning your holiday greeting into a unique keepsake.

  • Project We Love
    B8c41c7802b3c0282eeb8e479620c686 original

    I started a series of Creepy Creatures watercolor paintings. I would love to see them come to life as prints and pocket notebooks!

  • Project We Love
    3f0be140cd1557051a95e34e838fe2ff original

    Specialty printed cards that use secret decoders to change seemingly negative phrases in to a loving message for your Valentine!

  • Project We Love
    2fab449c92d0abc2ca7846aa276f5744 original

    Help a lover of creative T-shirts get one out into the world! THE MASTER WOULD APPROVE!

  • Project We Love
    Ceb29d182e994986d144f5e84bdef0d5 original

    Handmade t-shirts promoting art, music, and their importance in the New York subway system.

  • Project We Love
    049537be70f7c68337a1a9b089fd4ed7 original

    A charming block printed calendar celebrating the facinating wildlife of California. Lovingly carved and printed in my farmhouse pantry

  • Project We Love
    Fe416192192dc1876f5d6facbf0db5e8 original

    Feltmeupdesigns Rainbow Doodle Birds mugs and tea towels available to order now, just click below to visit my shop!

  • Project We Love
    B024ecc0c5c224228b89cc12738918a9 original

    A charming block printed calendar celebrating the natural beauty of California. Lovingly carved and printed in my farmhouse pantry.

  • Project We Love
    1f8828a27c2ca3dc3c63f284e31e7cc0 original

    Never lost your charger anymore, Keep the memory in a personalized way, and explore the playful use case.

  • Project We Love
    2553a2229748729786a4b5da2d2b035b original

    If you have something worth saying, don't say it through a screen. Do it with a twig, a bottle or a flag – send a nod.

  • Project We Love
    162d5f40db3d800c7f418622996eecb9 original

    Be ready for any occasion, with funny, tick-your-own-sentiment greeting cards. General AND holiday cards available!

  • Project We Love
    Bde2aed4c640f63c8631f07a7db865ed original

    I make fortune telling greeting and post cards and need a reliable printer to be able to expand my card selection and improve quality.

  • Project We Love
    9c2c76dc01b36b025e76f0d78571d627 original

    Help us create a sustainable model for textile manufacturing in New Orleans by empowering local women.