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Catarina's Collection II Enamel Pins

A Mariachi and her Soul - Series 02

Project We Love
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PICHINKU Naturally Dyed Peruvian Yarn

100% naturally dyed knitting yarn from Peru! Pledge and help us develop a thriving social enterprise that supports women artisans!

Project We Love
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Make 100 DIY Terrarium Kits with Area 51 & Roswell Sand

Do It Yourself Terrarium Kit with 4 Succulents - nothing to wait for to grow! Plus sand sourced from the Area 51 region and Roswell, NM

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Just a little kick start

Staying sober through hard work, dedication and a whole lot of love for woodwork!

Straight from the Holy Land Pens made w/ Bethlehem Olivewood

Fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint pens made from exhibition grade Bethlehem Olivewood

Elegant Handcrafted Antler Writing Pens

Beautiful handcrafted natural shed antler pens. This pens are a perfect unique gift for everyone.

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  • Biokerzen, handgemacht auf Mallorca

    handgemachte Kerzen mit Biosojawachs oder Rapswachs, abgefüllt in recycelte Flaschen, verfeinert mit Bioölen

  • Candle Craft

    Unsere Kerzen enstehen in liebevoller Handarbeit. 50% des Wachs sind flüssig. 50% sind starr. So entsteht das schöne millierte Muster.

  • Limelight Candles Make/100: Join the Rebel Wax Revolution

    Candles made free from corporate corruption. We source honest, clean burning ingredients to give you a safe, relaxing environment.

  • Zendle Garden

    Functional Zen Gardens made entirely of candle wax. Relax, then light the candle stones and watch your troubles melt away.

  • Josh's Candle Company Project!

    My goal is to start up an organic specialty candle company to help start up a bicycle exchange that will fund local youth groups.

  • Project We Love
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    Everything Beeswax! We Make Candles, Soaps, and other Beeswax Products!

  • Project We Love
    E7ff615f20941530a71cf0682311d840 original

    Beautify your space while supporting the cause of your choice.

  • Project We Love
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    A candle collection inspired by the American democracy. Created to stir action, thought and debate, and still stimulate the senses.

  • Project We Love
    B92999a8d5ab93dc38bb01b7dae5944c original

    Lucy's Cabin is raising money to fund inventory production for the upcoming holiday season!

  • Project We Love
    5c49b5ceed57251e5b2d0beb04cd3af4 original

    A candle set meant to enhance your tabletop gaming with evocative scents and beautifully designed metal coins!

  • Project We Love
    F42a405c4af5cc5038c3e1772acfdaab original

    A beautifully designed set of candles for tabletop gaming, or for any place you want to smell terrific!

  • Project We Love
    896a86e1679d6ddc961b17d775fc67f1 original

    Handmade Magical candles to make you feel like you're in another world! Inspired by books, movies, and video games.

  • Hand-poured soy candles that take you on your very own journey to paradise, giving you an everyday escape and new sense of self-discovery.

  • Handcrafted soy wax candles with crackling wooden wicks that aim to delight your senses. Come on in and see my vast fragrance line-up!

  • Amazing scented candles of 100% soy wax, fine fragrances sourced around the world, handpoured in beautiful reusable glasses.

  • I hand-pour in small batches 100% soy candles with wooden wicks inside camping mugs that can be reused afterwards!   Stay Wild↟

  • We are a small batch fragrance house based in Los Angeles CA.

  • Fill your home with the enticing scent of fall and comforting crackle of a wood wick candle.

  • Two students looking to share their brand of non-toxic, homemade candles and crafts with the world. Made with love and organic wax.

  • Fun new small business wanting to create more! Awesome new candle scents, themes & designs. Almost no one is doing what I wanna do.