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Dar Jacir دار جاسر

We’re creating a visionary, artist-run space for art, education, and research in our 127-year-old family home in Bethlehem.

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College of the Creatives Cabinet

Mysterious micro arcade cabinet containing the secrets to protecting and rallying America's national interests in arts and culture!

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Universal Declaration of Human Rights Booklet

This is a fundraiser for the creation of an offset printed booklet of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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21 Draw University

An exciting NEW online art school with lessons by industry legends who have worked for Disney, Marvel, DC, Dreamworks, Pixar & more.

Utensils of Mass Creation

I need $6 to buy 36 bic pens, and we will CREATE and do ART RESEARCH with these pens.

Glow in the Dark 'Poison' Potion Bottle - Enamel Pin Badge

An intoxicating potion bottle, produced as a hard enamel pin badge - that glows in the dark! Stretch goals unlock other potions!

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  • Ancient Rock Art and the San Tribes of Namibia

    A light artist interested the universal urge to connect through mark making, I aim to travel and learn from the San Tribes of Namibia.

  • Social Impact Infographics

    The idea is to create a series of infographics focusing on contemporary social issues using typography, photography and tattoo design.

  • Wood Frame Project

    My wood burned framing project. It is fun, but hard work! Please fund my project goal.

  • A Tribute to Tim Burton AND the Horror Genre.

    Making fan art lapel pins! Tim Burton AND Horror inspired

  • Breaking Mythos

    A project using body paint and photography to honor the stories women's bodies tell.

  • The Ambient Dream Machine

    An immersive, multi-sensory experience that explores the space between ambient sound & abstract art, all while sinking into a giant bed

  • Romantic sailing Venice lagoon experience

    Superpierrot-old lady sail yacht- will be deeply restored to guide You traveling in Venice lagoon - romantic sail to discover Venice


    a video-game parody . a 12 episode saga . UNIVERSE for a video-game or cartoon EXPANDING by a SECRET AGENDA releases on ASAP basis

  • Project We Love
    B2119f15d99204e009c2f9ec8625c5cf original

    Support an artist on The Arctic Circle Residency! A collaborative sailing voyage into the Norwegian Arctic archipelago of Svalbard.

  • Project We Love


  • Project We Love
    2fb49bfc7b04d6570e2c7d261e5f0c42 original

    Grant yourself a wish, while I grant one of my own: bringing happiness to Earth through you. You can have whatever you want!

  • Project We Love
    8877178e41f91ab545c7a2291db970dc original

    What if you could re-live a nuance of a special moment in the past? A sensory artwork about memory recall invites you to do just that.

  • Project We Love
    A1ad56f0477167fe94bccf8372b592ab original

    This project will fund a multi-state road trip for research and documentation, in my effort to capture the perfect essence of Sears.

  • Project We Love
    9ca4c48f34325b8c0f44bbdd2f7c4e0d original

    Expressive, mark-making drawings based on interpretive dance in the Middle East.

  • Project We Love
    45740e15c59588253993205b8f509a09 original

    This project created a t-shirt that "Björk Swan Dress." It was completed within 24-hours. If you want me to make more, click the button below!

  • Project We Love
    C5436b68f61b695a29f46237f9c46407 original

    "An Experiment in Space and Sound: Duet" is an art and music installation that draws the audience to connect with strangers.

  • Project We Love
    73a705522e4881cd85fcb0ea6d1869ef original

    SYMBIOSIS: An art book exploring a world where all technology is powered by biological engines that are deeply linked to humans

  • Project We Love
    2516e3b10a6ae71f827eee0ad1ba25de original

    The Non-Visible Museum of Art is where ideas and images become part of the New Economy. Praxis collaborates with James Franco on this.

  • Project We Love
    8781c7b18fd24ea8b52d32ad837d6a1f original

    NUMBER 34, will explore, and capture the trajectory of a baseball.

  • Project We Love
    D1ef5d387ff9ab9863874f214846cf0b original

    Artist Barb Choit occupies a booth the NADA Art Fair in Miami, presenting mass-produced goods that define our individual attitudes!