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Project We Love
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CODED is a conceptual performance based on archival images of queer gestures in painting, photography and dancehall culture.

Project We Love
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Bruce Baillie Project

A project to preserve and share Bruce Baillie’s films and legacy

Project We Love
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Court 13 Arts Headquarters

Help Court 13 Arts create a home for community-based art, filmmaking, and creativity in New Orleans and beyond!

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Caribbean Blue Artbook Print

Help fund the publication of an artbook inspired by the Caribbean Blue webcomic!

Monsters & More 2: An 18+ Artbook by Coey Kuhn

An adult-themed artbook by Coey Kuhn, featuring figures you might not expect.

Art of Aqualumina

1 exhibit, 1 book, over 300 participants—Aqualumina gathers artists from around the world to create a beautiful celebration of water.

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Explore 12 live Conceptual Art projects

  • Zac Scully's Studio & Gallery

    My goal is to create my very own art gallery, producing art (as well as create a graphic novel series) related to New Age spirituality.

  • Baltimore #popscope

    We want to create a mobile observatory to make science accessible to all Baltimore City Communities.

  • WestBurner Baptist Church Presents The

    We're trying to fund a charity cult. Will you join us?

  • Art for all learn to draw and get the best tips all for free

    Amazing for all family and friends i take your pic and turn it into a work of art be drawn in with celebrities or original work

  • e-Motion

    Creating, premiere and recording of a new audiovisual show. Creación, presentación y grabación de un nuevo espectáculo audiovisual.

  • Let's Give Drumpf The Bird

    Peace, Love and Symbolism! Donald has been giving the public The Bird in many ways for many years. Isn't it time we gave it back?

  • Copies of copies and the Relational Function of Jewelry

    One donation, one copy. Backers will simultaneously support the arts and dilute the value of the original by creating copies.

  • Help Alexi Era Gallery's Relocation to Oregon

    Please help Alexi Era Gallery keep our dream alive of helping artists and the art community as a whole. We need you!

  • Pulse Art

    Become an Artist. Pulse Art, a unique way to create personalized work of art using voices & sounds.

  • Saragarhi: Scenes of Bravery and Valour

    A new art exhibition to promote and encourage awareness of the Battle of Saragarhi and how 21 initiated Sikhs fought against thousands.

  • Transform

    Is it possible to alter human perception?

  • Please help!!!

    I have a rare muscle disease and im trying to paint while I still can. Im fighting with SSI. They wont help. Will you help?

  • Project We Love
    45740e15c59588253993205b8f509a09 original

    This project created a t-shirt that "Björk Swan Dress." It was completed within 24-hours. If you want me to make more, click the button below!

  • Project We Love
    Photo original

    Support an artist on The Arctic Circle Residency! A collaborative sailing voyage into the Norwegian Arctic archipelago of Svalbard.

  • Project We Love
    Photo original

    Grant yourself a wish, while I grant one of my own: bringing happiness to Earth through you. You can have whatever you want!

  • Project We Love
    Photo original

    Commissioning a Gavin Turk neon to broadcast the world's population on the front of our 19th century Museum's French façade in Teesdale

  • Project We Love
    Photo original

    With a crew of artists and scholars I'm going on a expedition to the arctic pursuing my passion for glaciers, data, and the poles.

  • Project We Love
    Photo original

    What if you could re-live a nuance of a special moment in the past? A sensory artwork about memory recall invites you to do just that.

  • Project We Love
    A1ad56f0477167fe94bccf8372b592ab original

    This project will fund a multi-state road trip for research and documentation, in my effort to capture the perfect essence of Sears.

  • Project We Love
    Photo original

    Expressive, mark-making drawings based on interpretive dance in the Middle East.