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New & Noteworthy

Diamond Bar 1972 Historic Raised-Relief Mural

Raised-relief wall art of Diamond Bar, California & surrounding area accurately recreated from USGS aerial photographs taken in 1972

What's popular

Expanding Horizons - Artists' Journey to Africa

Unique wildlife-themed travel journal of drawings and stories from eclectic and engaging artists of varied backgrounds and training.

Art in United States

Guatemala Después: Contemporary Art Exhibitions

Guatemala Después is an artistic exploration and exhibitions hosted at The New School and Ciudad de la Imaginación in April-June 2015.

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  • FATE ArtCade Game

    An arcade game where the player assumes the role of Schrodinger's Cat in an experiment in quantum physics and conceptual art.

  • Diamond Bar 1972 Historic Raised-Relief Mural

    Raised-relief wall art of Diamond Bar, California & surrounding area accurately recreated from USGS aerial photographs taken in 1972

  • 100 Days of Hozier: The Gallery

    The next step in the internet/comedy art project, #100daysofhozier ( or #100daysofhozier on Instagram)

  • UNTITLED (A Love Story)


  • Taj Mahal made out of Cola

    I drink too much cola so we want to buy more cans, clean them, and build a Taj Mahal made of empty cola cans.

  • Orbus Deserta: The Elephant in the Room

    I'm making a piece using found materials and recycled goods. The only thing I need is something to hold it all together. Ideas accepted

  • Edible Clothing Project,

    A 30 plus piece Runway fashion show made of entirely Usable and Edible clothing. Show to travel the US.

  • funding to exhibit jewellery at new designers 2015

    i am honoured to have been invited to exhibit my jewellery at new designer 2015 in june, however i sadly don’t have the funding

  • Art exposition

    My friend and me, want to have exposition of arts. We have some paintings now but we need help to make more paintings and exposit them.

  • Legendary Enlightening Belts

    Swelling Reducing, Weight Loss, Healing Agate Belts Handmade By Cookie Wood - Northern Cherokee Missouri

  • The Miami Slide Project

    The Documentation of 10 Miami's through the eyes of stranger's on Film.

  • X-Lamp

    I am creating artistic decor home lamps that provide hand drawn images,that x-ray when lights is on for effect,

  • The Farmers Hammer

    A young farmers dream of creating art and weaponry from old and weathered farm equipment.

  • 'Mapping Budapest' /ˈBuːdəpɛst\

    Residency at MÜSZi Organisation: exploring psychogeography, maps & the psyche

  • Fight Club [Soap] Project for Men & Women

    The 1st rule of Fight Club is... well we broke that rule to lather away the daily mundane with this high-end all natural handmade soap!

  • Caught in Motion

    A limo tour service showcasing the journey from A to B

  • THE TOTE BAG PROJECT: Upcycle the Trend

    THE TOTE BAG PROJECT takes on the super important, slightly retro, therefore entirely relevant cause of upcycling your hipster garbage.

  • THE Electrician

    Out of a pile of wire stripping's,conduit excess & obsolete ship parts emerged "THE Electrician"

  • Native Spirit Creations

    High quality Native American handcrafted works of art for peace and healing of the mind body and soul for affordable competitive prices

  • Illuminated

    Collaboration between a painter, a photographer, and 14 women to create a set of 30 honest, beautiful, and expressive nude portraits.