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Confront the Climate: Flowchart of the Peoples Climate March

Two years after the People’s Climate March, this image visualizes its impact- a new tool to confront climate change & inspire action.

Project We Love
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Sisyphus – The Kinetic Art Table

What music brings to your ears, Sisyphus brings to your eyes. Kinetic art, technology and design merged in stunning meditative beauty.

Project We Love
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Twin Peaks Enamel Pin Set

A series of three damn fine Twin Peaks enamel pins. Choose one or go for the whole set!

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The Mysterious Package Company Presents: Filigree in Shadow

Filigree in Shadow is a Victorian thriller, delivered to your doorstep by mail.

Nils Gulliksson - bilder från rollspelens guldålder

Upplev Nils Gullikssons legendariska bilder från Drakar och Demoner och andra klassiska rollspel i denna konstbok av Orvar Säfström.

Project We Love
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The Masters of Pixel Art - VOLUME 2

A high quality art book with pixel art from artists on some of the world's most popular 8-bit computers.

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  • Conceptual art experiment #2

    The concept that others can give birth to an idea. Allowing freedom both actual and imagined. Schrödinger's cat (truth) in action...(?)

  • Domesticating the Numinous: Art Basel Miami 2016

    Your Houseplants Have A Message For You

  • An Other Earth: Art & Science in the Arctic Circle

    An exploration of sight and sound in Svalbard located in the Arctic Circle by multimedia artist and citizen scientist.

  • The Jerry Orbach Memorial Art Car

    I want to transform a used sedan into a lowrider-style tribute to Jerry Orbach.

  • Hippi Pin

    My first series of Pin designs will start with my Hippi Pin in Hard enamel. 1.5" in size with rubber stump. Initially 150 to be made.

  • Project We Love
    A1ad56f0477167fe94bccf8372b592ab original

    This project will fund a multi-state road trip for research and documentation, in my effort to capture the perfect essence of Sears.

  • Project We Love
    2fb49bfc7b04d6570e2c7d261e5f0c42 original

    Grant yourself a wish, while I grant one of my own: bringing happiness to Earth through you. You can have whatever you want!

  • Project We Love
    8877178e41f91ab545c7a2291db970dc original

    What if you could re-live a nuance of a special moment in the past? A sensory artwork about memory recall invites you to do just that.

  • Project We Love
    9ca4c48f34325b8c0f44bbdd2f7c4e0d original

    Expressive, mark-making drawings based on interpretive dance in the Middle East.

  • Project We Love
    45740e15c59588253993205b8f509a09 original

    This project created a t-shirt that "Björk Swan Dress." It was completed within 24-hours. If you want me to make more, click the button below!

  • Project We Love
    B2119f15d99204e009c2f9ec8625c5cf original

    Support an artist on The Arctic Circle Residency! A collaborative sailing voyage into the Norwegian Arctic archipelago of Svalbard.

  • Project We Love
    D5f87dcf889691e1b35b6e4fc98a2c34 original

    Objections from locals collected into a book, an overview of annoyances from an archipelago like no other, the Galapagos.

  • Project We Love
    B883f71c14f41fef15c6f87f2e27ade7 original


  • Project We Love
    3585bc255579ea7d6ff4c431b1575b25 original

    Installing in Reykjavik for my first international museum show and the creation of a new photographic series on Iceland's dark winter.

  • Project We Love
    148e0f6ef76587cb0cd794f26d69010d original

    Marc Arthur’s new large-scale performance investigates perception, loss and the nature of violence through live painting.

  • Project We Love
    A90ab82fdf58aa9e9d0d62518270f1f1 original

    An art exhibition catalog provides an overview of our fragile home, inspired by words astronauts use to describe the earth from space.

  • Project We Love
    Ea5697732d90cda204b284f547e87241 original

    Art is everywhere, yet to many it's inaccessible. I am going to bring art to you, through a mysterious letter you might find anywhere.

  • Project We Love
    Eabc9bb6ae5fc6331a01d08e45fb839a original

    Bee-Composed: One Piano and a hive of Bees

  • Project We Love
    Cc8efde43aa91a9585c35827f75651a4 original

    Commissioning a Gavin Turk neon to broadcast the world's population on the front of our 19th century Museum's French façade in Teesdale

  • Project We Love
    8094a7f7458e1519f45c17cb1362fce4 original

    When a return is impossible ... an interdisciplinary art project that consist in a 3 channel video installation and an artist book.