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The Art of Loish: A Look Behind the Scenes

The first published compendium of the works of digital artist and animator Loish, offering you inspiration, insight & exclusive artwork

What's popular

Rainworks Invisible Spray: Create Rain-Activated Art!

Create images and messages that only appear when wet. Together we can give the world a reason to look forward to rainy days!

Art in United States

Charm City Maps - Canvas & Leather Fantasy Maps of Your City

Renaissance style fantasy maps of modern day cities. Laser engraved on leather, & painted on canvas by the sun using UV reactive dyes.

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    Two Airport runways installed within the sublime garden of Palais Royal in Paris.

  • Art Fort 321 & The Urban Monk Present: The Dispensary

    Exploring all aspects of cannabis through art. The debut would be at The Cannabis Cup in Las Vegas January of 2016 with 500+ artworks.

  • Sadness Museum & Hotel, NYC

    To create a Sadness Museum & Hotel in a studio apartment in NYC. Unhappiness is the most universal human emotion! Celebrate sadness!

  • The Ink Flavor Lounge

    Creating a one stop location to positively express yourself through tattoos and customizing shoes. A relaxing location to express YOU!

  • Support an artist on The Arctic Circle Residency! A collaborative sailing voyage into the Norwegian Arctic archipelago of Svalbard.

  • An artist's debut show aims to remodel a gallery into a fake Hollywood museum.

  • Grant yourself a wish, while I grant one of my own: bringing happiness to Earth through you. You can have whatever you want!

  • With a crew of artists and scholars I'm going on a expedition to the arctic pursuing my passion for glaciers, data, and the poles.

  • Expressive, mark-making drawings based on interpretive dance in the Middle East.

  • This project created a t-shirt that "Björk Swan Dress." It was completed within 24-hours. If you want me to make more, click the button below!

  • SYMBIOSIS: An art book exploring a world where all technology is powered by biological engines that are deeply linked to humans

  • Each of the fifty states is represented by one tumbleweed created out of unique artifacts from that state investigating the eccentricities of America.

  • An Exploration of the Imagination Dimension

  • July 22, 1941/2011 is a drawing series and experimental film meditating on the only existing film footage of the diarist, Anne Frank.

  • A compilation album and accompanying website that features 35 songs based on Sol LeWitt's 35 Sentences on Conceptual Art.

  • After purchasing it's very own bus in 2012, the World Speed Project now seeks to have it painted like the runaway bus in the film.

  • Blessing invites recipients to Gabrielle Duggan's installation on Governor's Island to collaboratively produce a personal work.

  • To build a mobile parade-ready "Face of Booze" contraption inspired by Doctor Who, debuting during Mardi Gras 2014 with Krewe du Who.

  • I figured out how to paint the rain! Raindrops as a subject matter, and as a new medium! - Help me go paint the rain in Seattle!

  • Artist seeks collaboration with queer male artists of the west coast to explore contemporary theories on male identity and gender.