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  • Chertova // Jewelry and Apparel Start Up

    Chertova is about our handcrafted genuine jewelry and apparel. Everything is made by hand in our studio by just the two of us.

  • Roger Ackling: Between the Lines

    The first comprehensive overview of the work and teaching of the late British artist Roger Ackling.

  • Fun with Circuits

    A toy that makes electronic circuits fun,simple & accessible for 6-10 yr olds. Welcome to the world of Ohm & Ampere.

  • 3 Kids Books: Hold on to your Dreams, Dream Big, It's Me!!!

    A series of 3 kids books with fun inspirational messages, bold artwork, vivid colors, memorable characters & unique perspectives

  • Minister Akins: Holy Communion Project

    A 2-part video project combining elements of electronic music, religion, fashion, dance & minimalism.

  • Moving Ethos Dance: As We Fall

    As We Fall reveals the falling of the human intellect when impulsive behavior takes over, empathy is lost, and we become animals.

  • Tomo Cold Brew Bike

    Tomo Coffee Co. is looking to build a bike cart that will serve ready to drink cold brew on tap throughout the Detroit area.

  • Keys to the City

    A retiring Brooklyn locksmith struggles to unlock a deeper meaning to the changes he sees in both the city and his life.

  • Schools of Fish

    My work is comprised of 9 variations of 300 ceramic fish, a testament to mutual aid and cooperation in the struggle for survival.

  • Fox Hunt - A Modern Deco Display Typeface

    I'm creating a typeface series, starting with a modern display font with an art deco twist, available May 2015.

  • ADULTS [an original series]

    An original series about two forty year-old friends struggling with adulthood . . . particularly their own.

  • Disappointing Monsters - Issue 1

    The surreal adventures of a small boy, his zombie life-mate, and other stuff. Like magic pants. And Frankensteins.

  • Bring Water

    Bring Water is a short sci-fi film set in a future world where civilization has collapsed and the search for water is imperative.

  • Krua52 : Thai Contemporary Food Truck

    Thai contemporary food truck

  • Tobo Track - Liquid wood eco-toy tracks for Thomas & Lego!

    Wooden toy vehicle tracks that promote creativity and fun while being safe and eco-friendly. An adapter links Tobo to LEGO and Thomas!

  • The Burly Co: Functional Kitchen Art

    Dedicated to quality craftsmanship through artisanal cutting boards

  • Bonicelli Kitchen

    Bonicelli Kitchen will be a European bistro style restaurant and takeout market featuring a delicious seasonally changing scratch menu.

  • SHIRTLIFTER #5 - New Gay Comic from Steve MacIsaac

    The latest, 96 page issue of Steve MacIsaac's SHIRTLIFTER, the first in four years, concludes his graphic novel "Unpacking".

  • Polyball

    POLYBALL is an action platformer that combines the classic mechanics of games like Marble Madness with contemporary digital art.

  • The Little Things in Life

    A peep into the lives of two small friends and their day to day adventures. See the world through their eyes.