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  • A New Yorker's Guide to Eye Rolling

    Book - putting to words: those who irrationally make our blood boil (and how we can laugh at ourselves)

  • Around the world for a tattie!

    I am creating artwork using potatoes, eating mostly potatoes and raising money to my volunteer work based travel around the world!

  • Crowdfunding for Luisa Laakmann´s 2nd album!

    Nach meinem ersten Album "Illusion" (2011), ist es endlich soweit: Eine neue CD will aufgenommen werden! Schaffen wir das zusammen?

  • Square Peg

    A picture book about Square Peg trying to fit in to her round world. A story that aims to teach children about the power of resilience.

  • Burro Viejo Woodworking Project Funding

    I would like to raise funds for this and other current projects.

  • Calcatronica Electronic Music Festival

    Calcatronica is a three-day event held in the Roman countryside that is set to become the Woodstock of cutting-edge electronic music.

  • Raindrop Box: Saving Rain? No droubt.

    An innovative product for everyone to save freshwater and do the right thing in the midst of drought.

  • Groundwalk Shoelace Sandals

    Minimalistic unisex sandals with shoelace straps and nonslip flat soles for a natural and healthy fit. Now $25.

  • Little Player - Video Game Magazine for Kids

    Little Player is a bi-monthly magazine that provides a safe, fun, ad-free reading experience for the 7 to 12 year old video gamer.

  • The sounds of synchronization

    Give your phone a volume boost and surround sound

  • Z Hunters

    Z Hunters is a Zombie web series set in the Australian country side that follows our heroes in their quest to survive the outbreak.

  • Savor

    A dance theatre experience that explores our search for the lost...

  • Down South

    A poetic music video

  • 'Cold' - A New Zealand Short Film

    Get in behind this great NZ short film! Set to be shot late August, from LittleWolf Productions, the little company making big films..

  • Selling Compliance : Training System for Police

    A training program that changes the way police are trained to interact with the public. Using "Sales" techniques instead of brute force

  • Bell the Cat

    Regina who struggles with her will to live is having a conversation with the last person on earth you would expect to save her life.

  • TeslaVision

    He used his imagination to create world in which we live in, use your imagination about Teslians who are fighting for planet Earth !

  • "Wiseguys and Whack Jobs" ~ An Animation Comedy

    Takes the Organized out of Crime! A story of a dysfunctional mob family under siege from equally dysfunctional FBI agents.

  • RasPiO GPIO Quick Reference Ruler for Raspberry Pi RPi.GPIO

    RPi.GPIO Quick reference for GPIO programming on Raspberry Pi. Python code & port ID labels in a convenient 6" PCB ruler

  • Monthly Metal at Balls Bluff

    Metal Documentary on the Northern Va. Metal scene,specifically the now defunct Balls Bluff Tavern.