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  • 100 WOMEN I KNOW

    This short documentary film explores the rape of young women in the UK as well as looking at the pressure that they can be subjected to

  • Conspiracy Wearables: 3D-Printed ETLE Universe Rings

    These 10 temporal scars in the chronostream tease theories that posit the origin, essence, and future of the entity known only as ETLE.


    A coming of age story about a spirited Saharawi girl facing a crossroads between becoming a soldier or forever staying a refugee.

  • Sweet Pea & Friends in The SheepOver

    One Orphan Lamb's true journey from recovery to a celebration with friends. A beautiful photo illustrated children's book for all ages.

  • Life with Lisa Williams

    Daily radio show podcast featuring Lisa Williams, launching May 1, 2015. A show about life - and ultimately, what is better than life.

  • Ares - Finally, a drone everyone can fly

    Capturing amazing aerial shots has never been easier. Just draw where you want to fly on your iPhone or iPad. Our drone does the rest.

  • Avro Shackleton WR963 - Return to Flight

    Enthusiasts and ex-RAF ground crew are trying to return an Avro Shackleton to flight. It will be the only one in the world flying.

  • The Little Girl with the Big Voice - Documentary

    An unapologetic portrait of iconic entertainer Mary Small, whose voice comforted millions through the Great Depression & WWII.

  • $1 Drawings and Arts

    Help me not only improve my art, but create something special just for you!

  • Chertova // Jewelry and Apparel Start Up

    Chertova is about our handcrafted genuine jewelry and apparel. Everything is made by hand in our studio by just the two of us.

  • Gear Up To Grow!

    We are building a new small-scale vegetable farm so that our community can eat well, even in the winter.

  • Roger Ackling: Between the Lines

    The first comprehensive overview of the work and teaching of the late British artist Roger Ackling.

  • Fun with Circuits

    A toy that makes electronic circuits fun,simple & accessible for 6-10 yr olds. Welcome to the world of Ohm & Ampere.

  • 3 Kids Books: Hold on to your Dreams, Dream Big, It's Me!!!

    A series of 3 kids books with fun inspirational messages, bold artwork, vivid colors, memorable characters & unique perspectives

  • Ultimate Chicken Horse

    The party platformer where you build the level as you play! Place blocks & deadly traps // Screw with your friends // Get to the flag!

  • Minister Akins: Holy Communion Project

    A 2-part video project combining elements of electronic music, religion, fashion, dance & minimalism.

  • Moving Ethos Dance: As We Fall

    As We Fall reveals the falling of the human intellect when impulsive behavior takes over, empathy is lost, and we become animals.

  • Manifesto

    Manifesto is a playful, queer dance narrative performance that explores Womanhood. And California Red Sea Cucumbers.

  • Keys to the City

    A retiring Brooklyn locksmith struggles to unlock a deeper meaning to the changes he sees in both the city and his life.

  • Schools of Fish

    My work is comprised of 9 variations of 300 ceramic fish, a testament to mutual aid and cooperation in the struggle for survival.