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Project We Love
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Horror of the Khor #3

Issue #3 of a four part science fiction tale. Catch up with issues #1-2 and help issue #3 see print.

Project We Love
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Bill Mantlo & Butch Guice’s Swords of the Swashbucklers GN

Help us bring the co-creator of Rocket Raccoon's long-lost graphic novel, "Swords of the Swashbucklers", back to print.

Project We Love
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For When You Can't Sleep At Night

A collection of short comics about depression, emotional well-being, and the general anxieties and dejections of life.

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Unsounded Comic Volume 3

Let's print the third volume of Unsounded, a fantasy-adventure comic about sorcery, hidden truths, and unconventional families.

The Few and Cursed #3

Join the Redhead in her hunt for The Crows of Mana'Olana in this epic supernatural western. Issues #1 and #2 also available!

Project We Love
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Questionable Content Volume 6

We're making the 6th print collection of Questionable Content! 300 strips, bonus commentary, and more!

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  • Dream State Radicals ~ A Gritty Sci-fi Thriller

    Dreams are bought and sold on the streets and a massively powerful government is losing its grip all in a hugely intricate universe.

  • ghostboyworld: The Art Book Volume One.

    Become a part of my Kickstarter campaign and help bring ghostboyworld into the physical world by turning it into a 210 page Art Book.

  • Goliath - A Historical Fencing and HEMA Comic

    The story of a high school girl who accidentally tumbles into the world of historical fencing.

  • Project We Love
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    Odie; A Small Dog on a Big Journey Home

    Odie is an aging corgi with a flare for the dramatic narrative, lost far from home.

  • Project We Love
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    Penguin & Peep - Little Moments

    Penguin & Peep - Little Moments is a collection of short comics for all ages.

  • Project We Love
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    Horror of the Khor #3

    Issue #3 of a four part science fiction tale. Catch up with issues #1-2 and help issue #3 see print.

  • AML #2 - Mecha clad police punching mutants!

    Mecha clad agents chase a fugitive deep into the overgrown jungle that surrounds their walled off city. What adventure awaits them?

  • Demon's Redemption

    Demon's Redemption is a 50 page story about revenge at all costs when the only thing you love is ripped from you because of your past.

  • Madman 25! waxpack trading card set

    Celebrate 25 years of Mike Allred's Madman with 25 trading cards in an old school wax wrapper

  • The Atomic Thunderbolt #1

    The first issue in a new series featuring the long-awaited return of the greatest one-hit wonder in comics – The Atomic Thunderbolt!

  • The Citizen-Issue #1

    Introducing The Citizen as the first of many heroes and villains we plan to introduce into one cohesive universe for Polar Bear Comics.

  • Mir: A Revamped Fairy Tale

    In this short comic, the story of 'Snow White' takes a turn when the witch's mirror is unable to answer who the fairest in the land is!

  • Gray Coyote

    A classic, 4-issue western comic, about a Native American woman who is drawn into a life or death battle with ruthless outlaws.

  • Judges A Supernatural Demon Killing Action Comic Series

    Judges is a comic book written by Ben Miller and drawn by Cory Hamscher. It is the story of three modern day heroes Battling Evil

  • MUCHO MAN Volume 1

    The first 6 issues of the Mucho Man digital comic book printed for the first time in BLAZING color! 153 pages of story and 6 covers.

  • Jeff the Yeti Vol. 1

    Jeff the Yeti Volume 1. A collection of the first year of comic strips from everyone's favorite abominable snowman.

  • The art of SIM Anthology, uncensored (ready to print now)

    60 pages of sci-fi fun featuring a rebellious/narcissistic/sadistic merc, a pirate hellbent on vengeance & a weird science project.

  • FIENDS #3 zombies, Monsters and maniac Horror.

    Fiends is a new Horror/Monster magazine by Veteran Indy Creator Tim Tyler. (Blood Reign, Faust, Razor, Dreadstar, Devil-Jack)

  • Oktana & Ko #1 - Sci-fi Comic Print Run

    While studying octopus in the wild; marine biologists are hi-jacked and forced to use their advanced techniques to commit a crime…

  • The Grand Machine #1

    Everything you know is a lie. Uncover the truth in The Grand Machine.