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Project We Love
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Jupiter Jet

A high-flying all-ages adventure comic by Jason Inman, Ashley Victoria Robinson & Ben Matsuya.

Project We Love
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Dark Beach #2

A scifi noir comic that follows Gordo, a black market photographer, as he attempts to uncover the truth of why there is no longer a sun

Project We Love
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Cadavers 2: Poltergeist

The continuing adventures of our group of supernatural outcasts - focusing on their most volatile member - Poltergeist.

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Titty-Time Volume 2: The Erotic Comics of Amanda Lafrenais

Titty-Time continues with Volume 2! 15 more cute, fun erotic comics will be collected in this new book by Amanda Lafrenais.

Project We Love
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Life of the Party: The Realities of an RPG'er

A comic book capturing, with humor, some your best RPG, gaming or geek moments at the table with your party. It's all about the quest.

Project We Love
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Let's Speak English - The Book!

We're making a book that contains all of the completed webcomic Let's Speak English, along with bonus content!

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  • Project We Love
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    Terminal Pulp Anthology

    TERMINAL is a 192-page hardcover pulp anthology featuring a collection of the comic book industry's hottest up-and-coming creators.

  • Project We Love
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    Hope: An Anthology

    40 pages. 4 stories. About losing hope. About finding hope. About having the hope to fight another day.


    A full color, science-fiction and horror comic book anthology, in the spirit of 'The Twilight Zone' and 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents.'

  • Hotel - An Anthological Book of Stories

    A book full of short comics about the guests, workers, and goings-on of a fictional hotel.

  • Project We Love
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    CHAINMAIL BIKINI is a comics anthology celebrating female gamers! Video games, RPGs, LARPing, and more.

  • Project We Love
    2d068de1b3406bbe542dff0bcba120d4 original

    FUBAR: By The Sword spreads throughout ALL of world history in this next installment of the historical zombie anthology FUBAR.

  • Project We Love
    91d3025b8dfb36b027ddaba476c70049 original

    A science fiction romance comics anthology, featuring original short stories from exciting independent comics creators.

  • Project We Love
    E904f8cb47c3e7d6c03f5df17253557c original

    Awesome Possum is a natural science comic anthology collecting art from seven natural science illustrators.

  • Project We Love
    69fda3235417ae84ff885af5d71ac651 original

    True Patriot is a comic book anthology featuring Canadian superheroes written and drawn by some of your favourite Canadian creators!

  • Project We Love
    0dd4aa7853f2042ce2a2156f8a28a4c1 original

    "Valor" is a comic anthology that pays homage to the strength, resourcefulness, and cunning of female heroines in fairy tales.

  • Project We Love
    51156879d02e2f078bb290a525da6f08 original

    What happens when worlds collide? New World has 25 stories by 30 creators about culture clash and civilizations in conflict! Coming soon, from Iron Circus Comics!

  • Project We Love
    F4b9b02c1dbe6126e2d6ed17e2779993 original

    QU33R, from Ignatz-Award-nominated editor Rob Kirby, features 241 pages of new comics from 33 contributors—legends and new faces alike.

  • Project We Love
    4981fd523f47eefb816578170cb5762b original

    Vertebrae! A collection of truly unique artists whose pieces are bold, eye catching works with themes of horror, gore and body horror.

  • Project We Love
    0ad3da609561591ce81e3bb56093e0e6 original

    A creator-owned anthology about breaking boundaries and exploring the great unknown by the most inventive talents in comics.

  • Project We Love
    Fa1fa5fbe07e180235f4c40347b48186 original

    We're gathering the best comics we've published in one giant 300 page hardcover.

  • Project We Love
    F7ed67b66f73479ba81d762930d55cb7 original

    A bold new comics anthology that explores and celebrates the complex world beyond the categories of "gay" and "straight".

  • Project We Love
    Fc5e11b2a9d955cd06e94930d6bc1adb original

    Collection of short comic book stories with 3 Pages, 2 Characters & 1 Twist Ending! Beautifully illustrated by over 30 pro artists \o/

  • Project We Love
    D026c9a767fccdaa2a28b653950ad2ab original

    "BLACK EYE" - a new humor anthology of original stories, art & essays by 42 international alternative cartoonists, artists and writers.

  • Project We Love
    831e7c6a716c4033fc5eb0800d23d253 original

    After attending the convention of a lifetime, a group of artists and writers came together to produce an anthology to celebrate it all.

  • Project We Love
    76f80d673d74e7b2a838f0deb2f3c9bf original

    The theme 'Where is home' is explored by professional artists in this printed anthology through artwork and comics.