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the White Wolf

A low-budget, intellectual horror-thriller that fuses the structure of a classic werewolf story with the Italian Giallo.

Project We Love
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The first anthology of writing on the work of M Lamar, with librettos and artwork by multimedia artist, composer, and countertenor.

Project We Love
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Perfect City Fall Launch 2017

Perfect City is a 20-year art and activism project in NYC about how the people who live in a city can evolve it more inclusively.

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Nima is my original character who's story and world I've been developing for the last 4 years. I'm creating a book for her!

Dave Malan Book of Drawings

I'm compiling my best drawings into a high quality, hi-resolution art book that you can hold in your hands.

Dessert Dragons & Other Sweet Creatures

Dragons with desserts & sweets! Playing cards, a book, Watercolor paintings, prints, oracle cards, and more!

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  • Project We Love
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    Kickstarter Gold: From Glitches to Computational Textiles

    GlitchTextiles™ founder, Phillip Stearns, is developing a new series of computational woven fabrics for interior design & home decor.

  • World Map Pillow: Creative Way to Track Your Travels!

    Lighten up your home with an interactive pillow that allows you to mark your favourite travel destinations using a fabric marker!

  • Dog and Cat T-Shirts

    Cute, comedic dog and cat t-shirts designs that make great gifts for any occasion where 10% of my proceeds will benefit pet shelters.

  • Project We Love

    A cutting edge conceptual textile design label founded in 2011 by Brooklyn artist, Phillip Stearns, exploring the intersections of textiles and digital art. Made for the Digital Native.

  • Project We Love
    E3c90d301af8650468ad9bb772ca22f1 original

    Our goal is to upgrade our existing dye studio to increase productivity for our Maine inspired products.

  • Project We Love
    6168fb809c3b70d41f646df1a40a5b9e original

    Dark Woods is the first book of many- it is a record of process. Knitting patterns, natural dye recipes, and brilliant photos.

  • Project We Love
    8cc9225e09f1d16e57182a920dbc315c original

    DippyDyes is successful and it's time to change and grow! I know the perfect business coach and want her on my team. Help bring her in!

  • Project We Love
    A19a5274a4825cecd290015d7d1962f1 original

    Help send me to the Icelandic Textile Center to craft a huge outdoor installation in the town of Skagaströnd.

  • Project We Love
    58efb12094ff236d7c015d0ce5566920 original

    Nic is an origami inspired picnic blanket that uses stitch pleating to echo the Japanese Miura map folding tessellation.

  • Project We Love
    29b093067894a6d664ba7dc9ed1d5bdd original

    You choose which fabrics we make!

  • She's the kiss with a fist you kinda want to be. These 3.5" embroidered patches are in your face, unapologetic feminist propaganda.

  • To all the Art, Fashion and Visual Culture lover out there, I revisited fashion styling through the tip of my black pen for you.

  • Project We Love
    F80f4b81aa16410b56b2c55ee5bb1050 original

    Like most people, I am weirdly attracted to Nicolas Cage. I also love blind-contour drawing. And doing the dishes.

  • Project We Love
    796156dbadb39fc5cc76b880b5ca8f97 original

    An artist’s personal investigation into her Mexican ancestry through backstrap weaving at Arquetopia's artist-in-residence program.

  • A new flag for Bellingham, Washington for sale for the first time ever.

  • Project We Love
    3991e2ef76e9604fdb079d9d2cb822bc original

    An inspirational book documenting the life and work of internationally acclaimed octogenarian artist, Marilyn Henrion.

  • Project We Love
    B0e5c5962879b81580d65a1e1a167f84 original

    Beautifully illustrated placemats that inspire curiosity in kids and lead to natural opportunities for faith conversation at the table.

  • Yay! Thanks to our 286 backers, we've begun construction on our new studio!

  • Project We Love
    D5ad140937d3d537c6f96388c1c9c3c4 original

    Innovación y diseño como instrumentos claves para dar una nueva vida al trabajo de los artesanos mexicanos.

  • Alykat is printing on clothing to add to her repertoire. Prints on walls were so 2015, now prints on outfits, let's do this!

  • HOW COULD YOU?: a line of embroidered art, clothing, and accessories made by Mia Weiner !

  • For Vestiphobia Workshop Cuba I will work with Cuban artists in creating RB Dress V: Viva la Goma Elástica!

  • This project is all about Celebratory objects, the stories behind them and then making new, beautiful and exciting Celebratory objects!

  • I plan to design and hand-embroider a series of original one-off wall art pieces inspired by each element in the periodic table.