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  • Tunsure: "Control Your Own Time!"

    "Conveniently Coordinate When You Want Things Done!" a robust platform for beauty salons, barbershops, and their clients.

  • Art Form

    Struggling artist, Maxine, confesses to her agent where she really gets her inspiration from.

  • the Church and the Dime - Issue 2 (+ Issue 1)

    Issue 2 of 'the Church and the Dime'. Issue 1 will also be available if you want to catch up.

  • TurnsPro | Time Lapse Camera Mount - for everyone!

    TurnsPro | Timelapse Camera Mount to create panning time lapse videos or movies with your phone, DSLR or GoPro! Simple.Intuitive

  • Delores J. Hayes Ceramic Art and Pottery

    Pottery! Cups, Bowls, Functional, Non-Functional! Join me in building my ceramic business of production and exploration in Clay!!

  • The Last Gunfighter

    An epic steam-punk western about five of the worlds deadliest gunfighters in pursuit of one man with an amazing secret.

  • South West UK motorsport coverage by Cars on film for 2015

    Due to equipment failures over the winter, the 2015 coverage of Hillclimbing in the southwest is under threat, please help

  • Hop Theory

    At Hop Theory we proudly hand-craft a variety of blends of hops, fruit peels, and natural favors enabling you to customize beer.

  • NO YOKE! Pysanky

    Unique one of a kind hollow decorated chicken eggs. No two eggs are every the same. #Not an ordinary blow job!

  • On Tap Gastropub

    Help On Tap bring a wide varitey of craft beers and unique food to the city of Hoboken creating a warm welcoming atmoshphere.

  • Xmas Zombie Apocalypse Short Story

    Story of xmas characters being infected by the zombie disease and spreading the disease through presents. A special cure is found.

  • The Secret World of the Junior G-Man Guitar!

    A familiar design finds new life and utility with some careful changes. Can an old electric guitar learn new tricks? You bet it can!

  • ARIM Dance

    ARIM Dance is a collage of beauty, grace, technique, and emotion diving into the depths of the soul bridging "old school" and "new."

  • Right-sized Chill Eco-Friendly Tote for the Freshest Food

    Keep your perishable meats, organic fruits, farm fresh vegetables and special beverages cool & fresh with this tote and monitor combo!

  • Vagabond at 25

    Vagabond at 25 will be a mixed media book. A combination of written narrative and photos depicting my 25th year of life as a vagabond.

  • Juan Grande Premium Gourmet Sauces

    Gourmet Premium Sauces. Steak, BBQ & Hot Sauces. NO fillers, artificial preservatives, or chemicals just FRESH bold taste and flavors.

  • Got Zombie

    Hi kickstarter. This is for everyone who loves zombies as much as we do. What better way to show it than by a super comfortable shirt.

  • Community Literacy Garden

    Bring books to life for children in our Community Literacy Garden. Children will interact with nature and develop reading skills

  • Turning my photography passion into a job

    I want to turn my passion for photography into a job opportunity. But i can´t do it without your support.

  • Crazy American Brew Co. aka C.A.B.

    We all love micro brew! This mix of American & Chinese ingredients is designed to appeal to the emerging niche luxury market in China!