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Project We Love
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junior high part ii

junior high is a nonprofit art/community space in los angeles. we seek to embolden and empower marginalized voices in the arts!

Project We Love
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Beyond Crude - Art for Environmental Change

This installation of over forty works of art takes a deep look into how we use our Earth's resources

Project We Love
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Maybe Capital

Dre and Anya have created the first satirical board game to poke a little fun at Silicon Valley. You're invited to join in the fun!

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The Official World's Greatest Troll Sculpt By Chuck Williams

Funding the manufacturing in vinyl and resin of the Official World's Greatest Troll sculpture by Chuck Williams as seen on Facebook.

Project We Love
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Mini Museum 3: The Third Edition

ALL NEW! Billions of years of life, science, and history in the palm of your hand! Curated and handcrafted to inspire for generations.

Project We Love
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Majestic Wire Tree Sculptures By Andy Elliott

Hand made sculptures using strands of wire

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  • Project We Love
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    The Crenshaw District Hieroglyph Project

    We're building a public installation of hieroglyphic carvings that allows communities in South Central LA to author their own stories.

  • Quanta

    A curatorial project which explores the five properties of quantum physics from art and science.

  • Making A Collection Of Neon & Perspex Hand-Painted Art

    I'm looking to integrate neon within my work again, the money will go towards a collection of 10 which is needed to exhibit globally.

  • kiss of love 2017 burning man

    This work was inspired by the famous photos of World War II, "Victory Kiss"

  • The Medea Project (TMP)

    The MEDEA Project is an artistic interpretation of what the future holds for mankind and it’s relationship with the hyperrreal.

  • Energy Field 2 art installation @ SPRING/BREAK

    The project is an installation @ SPRING/ BREAK Art Show in NY that will energize & activate the space with dynamic pattern and texture

  • Prijedor'92

    Künstlerische Teil des Projekts eine Denkmalinstallation. Luftgeformte halbkugelförmige Installation...

  • Project We Love
    3fbafe7e86f45586e27c17c7615de8a7 original

    Participate in rebuilding the library at the College of Fine Arts at the University of Baghdad!

  • Project We Love
    304860d45be77e853b7ea18aa450cb23 original

    Transmedia artist Michael Pope creates a 3D Movie Script in the form of an immersive site-specific installation you can enter & explore

  • Project We Love
    E64a6733a77eaf8361fb1b4b3d320eba original

    The Andy Warhol Museum and Artist Image Resource are commissioning three artists to create socially and politically inspired prints.

  • Project We Love
    Feb76ef924edc36c96809b223b10add9 original

    Naturally occurring “Heart Shaped Chewed Gums” on the streets captured by cellphone camera. Printed as decals and installed on windows.

  • Project We Love
    Cf62b9dc825c3a1b92a931413568736b original

    Meow Wolf and George RR Martin join forces to produce an art complex featuring the most insane art experience imaginable.

  • Project We Love
    D4f4d8efa6a2f65c6a4ffadbc0d06831 original

    An exhibition focusing on a fictional Spanish-American aristocrat and her maidservant, to take place at a major alternative art venue.

  • Project We Love
    759c77a635293bbaab5f5d958a069fc6 original

    We are creating a sound installation wherein your feelings, as usual, will be mediated through popular music.

  • Project We Love
    Ea7db18dd0992604ec73e19789df9ce9 original

    Driven to re-archive and chronicle New Orleans' tattoo history, we want to create a dynamic, living, interactive tattoo museum.

  • Project We Love
    B4247136c309eed0965a7df05d5222f3 original

    The Museum of Science Fiction is almost here! With a little funding, we can open our first exhibition this summer at Reagan Airport.

  • Project We Love
    548f9687b8b1af6e18db0655d1958c0e original

    An immersive sound and light installation that combines art, science and music to visualise how sound travels around us.

  • Project We Love
    56a998c7032f33b9bfa5cad87edb8de8 original

    These weavings playfully show the invisible relationships between the contours of the constructed objects in our lived environment.

  • Project We Love
    6983ff6dd6a1543e07f0a2fddab407c1 original

    The Last Outpost is a post apocalyptic haunted house headed to Burning Man 2014.

  • Project We Love
    D3cd9a2949e8e4b9cb9d621b0d1cf75b original

    Abigail McNamara is creating a site-specific installation made of hand-cut paper for Paper Circle in Nelsonville, Ohio.