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Dar Jacir دار جاسر

We’re creating a visionary, artist-run space for art, education, and research in our 127-year-old family home in Bethlehem.

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College of the Creatives Cabinet

Mysterious micro arcade cabinet containing the secrets to protecting and rallying America's national interests in arts and culture!

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Universal Declaration of Human Rights Booklet

This is a fundraiser for the creation of an offset printed booklet of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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21 Draw University

An exciting NEW online art school with lessons by industry legends who have worked for Disney, Marvel, DC, Dreamworks, Pixar & more.

The Violet Ascension Tarot

Creating & printing an illustrated full-color Tarot deck chock full of animals, human-powered transportation, inventions & nature-love!

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Mystic Mondays ☾ Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards for the Modern Mystic ˞ An intuition tool for spiritual guidance, designed with intentional good vibes & a love of color

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  • Geschichte in Farbe, History in Colors

    alte Fotos von bekannten und nicht so bekannten Menschen. Dei ältesten sind fast 200 Jahre alt. Fotos PUBLIC DOMAIN

  • Adorable Poison Ivy Chibi by Melbaka

    Help me get my Poison Ivy stickers printed and get your own 3" x 2" Poison Ivy sticker and other special Poison Ivy items.

  • Eternitygravestones

  • The Start of BabyPookiePie

    My goal is to create Child, Teen, and YA/Adult Coloring books. Each book will contain Drawings of my take on the "Anime" art style

  • The Illustrated Guide to Cooking - for adults

    A funny illustrated guide to cooking, made to make your kitchen life easier - with a little giggle on the side!

  • Scanography - Your favourite movie as a poster portrait

    Your favourite film as a unique poster print with a hidden portrait. All frames of the movie scanned to show characters and scenes

  • Fury Stickers

    Identity affirming images for everyone, share stickers designed from historical art images and sketches.

  • Glitch art project "Vase 3D"

    I want to do high quality prints on fine art paper under acrylic glass to raise my portfolio.

  • Magimon (Magic Monster) Card Game For Kids

    I made a full deck of Magimon playing cards, to view the cards and rules of the game please visit

  • Digital Art by Jeremy J Richards

    I am a self taught artist who uses my art as therapy for PTSD. I share my art free at

  • Project We Love
    5b659a2cf2e2276946c7145aed1c90d5 original

    An interactive, data-driven exploration of one artist’s sexuality, as seen through her first kisses with everyone she’s kissed.

  • Project We Love
    79207596264c3140e5516ebf066f7f0d original

    A 3D Printed Recreation of Coney Island's Historic Luna Park, and a 3D Scanning Portrait Studio to Populate it with You!

  • Project We Love
    76ad53f51116643566601ab737172f9c original

    Fund an art show about you! One pledge, four works of art, each produced with your data.

  • Project We Love
    62562baeb3499c3c1c8c72dc1e7c40dc original

    I Know Where Your Cat Lives visualizes public photos of cats on a world map using coordinates embedded in their metadata.

  • Project We Love
    D3245a320b1b582cfc45aeebd70638cc original

    We will create a series of data visualisations showing the interaction of characters, scenes and locations of your favourite movies

  • Project We Love
    272cf8ef46f8ddc3a30076b87ab5ffe9 original

    Plant virtual forests on the EIFFEL TOWER and reforest the planet! Des forêts virtuelles sur la TOUR EIFFEL pour reforester la planète! You can continue to contribute and follow us

  • Project We Love
    667a941a1d7ea25259fdc0b2a6d88137 original

    An 128 page art book of a wildly weird and dangerously interesting world from my imagination. Heaven’s Hell.

  • Project We Love
    2b9cabfb73496696c8f24cd3e53f0fd0 original

    Help eBoy build a fantastical pixel poster of San Francisco. Will feature landmarks, many hidden details, dense fog, vehicles, fish.

  • Project We Love
    741c9663154af250bdb0f4600786c160 original

    QUESTION BRIDGE INTERACTIVE is a platform that reveals the true complexity, diversity, and humanity within an identity group.

  • Project We Love
    Ef4e9b4310f4adc71718aee0f420199b original

    Help me fund the photo shoot series that will be my final college creation! It's an Avante-garde series of high fashion photos.