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Project We Love
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"Captain Nemo" Portrait by Dave Dorman

We are creating limited edition prints of one of Dave Dorman's most iconic paintings. Edition sizes will be limited to this campaign.

Project We Love
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Ink the States

Using a unique watercolor technique, I build each state topography in vibrant colors and gemstone textures. Let's do the rest together!

Project We Love
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Drops Of Spring

One of a kind, oversized alcohol ink in original paintings. Abstract with inspiration of the spring season. Customized available.

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Character Design Quarterly

A new magazine bringing expert insights and leading techniques to illustrators, artists and character enthusiasts worldwide

Project We Love
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RECKLESS DECK: Solving the Problem of "What Should I Draw?"

A genre-crossing card deck that generates endless new and original characters for your sci fi, fantasy, and comics art.

The Book Dragon: an exclusive limited edition print

Signed, numbered, wax-sealed, & gilded with 24k gold leaf! "The Book Dragon" is a Kickstarter exclusive. Free global shipping!

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  • Alexia's Exhibition YOU ARE ALL INVITED

    THE NEW ONE! raising fund for my degree show Exhibition happening this May! More Art work Better materials!

  • The Art of Blood

    The Art of Blood is an expression of life creating legacies for generations to come by offering personalized Blood Art for everyone.

  • Project We Love
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    'Around the World in 80 Washing Lines'

    “A social art project pegging us together, around the world, irrespective of who, what or where we are” ~


    It's a desire and passion of mine to present for the first time to the British public my new challenging work in a London show.

  • Take Original Retro Pop/Appropriation Posters to Print

    This project restores and puts a contemporary spin on artwork by great commercial print-makers such as Toulouse-Lautrec and Mucha.

  • 1³ (

    An art project that shows how, visually and conceptually, the three monotheistic religions can be brought back to One.

  • Genuine London Air

    The conceptual art project - sharing the London air experience with the entire world via the medium of paper.

  • 7 Doodle Paintings in 7 days

    I would like to do 1 painting a day for a week. Any money raised will be used to buy equipment for building a 3D painting.

  • Limited edition T-Shirt printing for a shop that never was. Proceeds being saved for new piece of studio equipment, a laser cutter.

  • An Absurd, ironic, and political look at the sexuality, rituals, and identity of women of color in western society.

  • Project We Love
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    July 22, 1941/2011 is a drawing series and experimental film meditating on the only existing film footage of the diarist, Anne Frank.

  • Project We Love
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    The Non-Visible Museum of Art is where ideas and images become part of the New Economy. Praxis collaborates with James Franco on this.

  • We are producing Episode 13 of The Weird Girls Project. This is a video work made to accompany music from Imogen Heap's Love The Earth.

  • UHaul trucks, turned art/performance spaces put on a secret one night festival in Anchorage, AK on the First Friday of September.

  • Project We Love
    5d582fa42d3d98990a1d3a56de898293 original

    The mysterious movie theater you stumbled upon that night when you trekked out to deep playa at Burning Man.

  • Grease Trap is a film that follows Blake Sims to the State Fair of Texas to indulge himself in it's perverse culinary offerings.

  • Project We Love
    D1ef5d387ff9ab9863874f214846cf0b original

    Artist Barb Choit occupies a booth the NADA Art Fair in Miami, presenting mass-produced goods that define our individual attitudes!

  • The Human Mandala Project will create and photograph the largest ever resonating geometric shape with human bodies at Burning Man.

  • Targeted is a photographic project violently disarming mass media and normative perceptions of gay men in America.

  • I've just been accepted to my first gallery show! The show is overseas in Brighton, UK. I need help getting my work there!