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Project We Love
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Every week for a year a new artist will create an action about an urgent political issue and share it with people around the world.

Project We Love
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Cave Paintings for Future People

For one year I drew a new piece every day. I want to make a book of all 300+ drawings along with secret bonus stuff from the vault.

Project We Love
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Debut the installation "Nothing and Everything" in the USA

We just received an invitation to exhibit at CoCA Center on Contemporary Art in Seattle. Need your support to deliver our exhibition.

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Character Design Quarterly

A new magazine bringing expert insights and leading techniques to illustrators, artists and character enthusiasts worldwide

Project We Love
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RECKLESS DECK: Solving the Problem of "What Should I Draw?"

A genre-crossing card deck that generates endless new and original characters for your sci fi, fantasy, and comics art.

Project We Love
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Brian Giniewski Ceramics: Made in Philadelphia

Brian Giniewski is a ceramic artist expanding into a larger studio space and looking to purchase new equipment to grow his business

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  • Revel'in Black #Nigressence

    Through Revel’in Black I will share my journey chasing my personal black history as I move from America to Antigua.

  • Owen Walters Official T-shirts

    Owen Walters needs these shirts to be in the world but he also needs them to be affordable. Help make this bulk purchase a reality.

  • Robot Repair T-Shirt, The Hong Kong Branch

    Limited edition T-Shirt printing for a shop that never was. Proceeds being saved for new piece of studio equipment, a laser cutter.

  • Genuine London Air

    The conceptual art project - sharing the London air experience with the entire world via the medium of paper.

  • Project We Love
    Project image
    'Around the World in 80 Washing Lines'

    “A social art project pegging us together, around the world, irrespective of who, what or where we are” ~

  • The Art of Blood

    The Art of Blood is an expression of life creating legacies for generations to come by offering personalized Blood Art for everyone.


    It's a desire and passion of mine to present for the first time to the British public my new challenging work in a London show.

  • 1³ (

    An art project that shows how, visually and conceptually, the three monotheistic religions can be brought back to One.

  • I will be executing a new and series of paintings and installation which explore the historic and current reality of Anti-Semitism.

  • I'm hoping to get funds to help put on a solo exhibition of my work at an art space in Chicago.

  • Project We Love
    3764ba09c3c02e8833e2923c96003693 original

    A 100 year old $1 bill sliced into 100 pieces, shipped to 100 people in 100 locations, to be bought back together again as 1 online.

  • A conceptual art installation interpreting a lawless act of kidnapping 1,196 striking miners & supporters in Bisbee, Arizona,1917.

  • A month-long sculpture/photography project this March in Johnson, VT

  • Let's remind everyone that Muslim Americans are a part of our country and that they, too, make America great.

  • Adventure Owl wants to see the world and go on adventures with you. This kickstarter is over, but we will have adventure owls for sale at in the near future if you missed out.

  • Project We Love
    4362851fd4cffb80d3dbd964ab9229fa original

    I'm creating a virtual reality experience which will take participants back to the first major exhibition of photography in 1839.

  • My well known, but lesser well understood alter ego, The Urban Shaman, explains himself with Anacostia, D.C. in the foreground.

  • Project We Love
    5ce050ef64f8fc3f24bd090130d3f05f original

    The Space Hobo Bottlecap Divination Board is a new fortune telling system, invented in the outer colonies of space.

  • During last 5 years I traveled 3 continents to create vibrant fashion stories. On The Road is my biggest project yet, exploring the US.

  • Including an owl, hummingbird, fish, guitar, snail, and saxophone designed to amuse and entertain.