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New & Noteworthy

Second Puberty: A Humorous, Informative Guide to HRT

Remember those puberty videos from middle school? We want to make one that addresses the "second puberty" many trans people go through.

What's popular

Hawk the Hunter

'Hawk the Hunter' is the long awaited fantasy feature film sequel to the 1980's sword and sorcery cult classic 'Hawk the Slayer'.

Film & Video in United States

Yinz - A Rust Belt Movie

A dark comedy about growing up in Western Pennsylvania. A violent and funny forbidden love story in the heart of the Rust Belt.

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Explore 38 live Animation projects

  • The Bray Studios: Animation Pioneers - Blu-ray & DVD Release

    A collection of rare and newly-restored Bray Studios cartoons, produced from 1913 through 1927, on Blu-ray & DVD!

  • Sasquatch & Son

    An animated web series about a father Sasquatch and his hilarious lessons on adulthood.

  • Red Origins: An Original Animated Series

    RED ORIGINS is an epic Magical-Futurism series. Our goal is to raise enough funds showcase this great series on a global stage.

  • Deuce Badge, Go Fund Yourself

    The birth of an awesome TV-MA animated comedy series; Deuce Badge:Badass Detective.

  • The Mice War

    The Mice War is a humorous yet poignant animated film that teaches children about the absurdity of war.

  • Fellow Travellers

    A group of commuters escape into the 'animated' world of dream, in which they can become their true selves.

  • Somorrah

    The community of Somorrah is peaceful and unblemished until "The Boss" power and money starts to diminish & plans to gain it all back!

  • Godslayer

    A action packed animation adventure

  • The Last Rite : Exposure - A New Breed in Horror!

    The Last Rite was never meant to be found. Now the fate of all creation lays on one man, and what it means to be a father.

  • Matilda & Joe

    When their idyllic home is invaded, a pair of lovesick tree lobsters must struggle for survival against the harsh realities of nature.


    An animated web-series that speaks for the misfit, the disabled, the oppressed and all those people who have been told to SHUT THE F-UP

  • Abo & Karo: The Mini-Movie

    Abo & Karo, the popular animated shorts by Hayk Manukyan, are taking it to the next level with a...MINI-MOVIE! Believe in the dream!

  • MIA

    A genetically engineered assassin created for one purpose...eliminate her kind and rescue her creator.

  • Haptic: Animation Amplifier

    New non-profit that supports independent animation in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Vinny: The Animated Series

    Hey box head! Be a pal and help us fund the first season of Vinny: The Animated Series!

  • TWICE UPON A TIME, animated short

    Animated film about split personality and split time! It's about dual nature of kings and things and how playing cards came to be!

  • The Zombie Next Door

    A teenage zombie named Jeff and his mad scientist mother adapt to life in the town of Serendipity, where the supernatural occurs daily.

  • Le Legend of le Dragon Slayers

    A 3D Animation. 3 Main characters: Josh, Jessie, and Rosa. Genre: Action/eerie/adventure/suspense Setting: Desert ruins/Deep Dungeon

  • Girls Rock!!!

    Girls Rock!!!

  • Life Without the Bill of Rights

    I'm raising funds to continue my animated series aimed at teaching students about our rights as Americans.

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