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Curious George Documentary

A documentary film exploring the extraordinary lives of Hans & Margret Rey, the authors of the beloved Curious George children’s books.

Project We Love
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IMPOSSIBLE THINGS-World's First A.I. Co-written Feature Film

The power of artificial intelligence. The creativity of humans. Introducing the world's first machine co-written feature film!

Project We Love
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Sierra Leone: The Film

Sierra Leone: The Film is the inspiring story of a celebrated playwright and his mission to change his nation with great art.

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The Gamers: Episode 1

"I wanna steal his pants!" The classic tabletop gaming comedy returns for a 45-minute adventure, based on Matt Vancil's THE GAMERS.

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Boy Howdy! The Story of CREEM Magazine

Unfiltered and unapologetic, CREEM remains America's only true rock'n'roll magazine—long after publishing its final issue.

$1 To Break Up With My Kindergarten Girlfriend? #FindMarquia

This is my viral experiment, designed to reunite me with my long lost kindergarten girlfriend. So I can break up with her. #FindMarquia

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Explore 21 live Animation projects

  • LASTMAN - La série TV animée

    Lastman, la série TV d'après la BD. 26 épisodes mêlant baston, gangsters et paranormal.

  • Hela7even Development

    We are a gaming company that has been around for years. Today we are launching a 3d Multimedia project for movies and games animation.

  • Fête du cinéma d'animation à Clermont-Ferrand

    Du 3 au 11 octobre 2016, des ateliers de pratique, un marathon de l'animation, des conférences et des projections !

  • A Long Day - Animation short film

    What would happen if everything we think about time was altered by a little, mocking character?

  • ONCE IN A BLUE MOON animation project

    Earth is facing extinction. Do people change how they view nature, One another, for every remaining day, or only Once in a Blue Moon?

  • Froggy

    A tv show about a Frog, a robot, and a human. The many adventures of Froggy!

  • Incurious Wondermint

    A cartoon series about a Intoxicated Rabbit and his animal friends going on many crazy and wacky adventures

  • Kali Yuga

    Animated webseries, set in a fantasy world. The story follows Namoa Kar-diya, a trader, who meets Mirawem, goddess of madness!

  • Ghoulish

    Ghoulish is an animated Action Adventure Comedy about an unorthodox group of friends teaming up to take on demons and the occult.

  • The Smile That Warms My Ever Changing Mind

    A short animation about two people passing through worlds.

  • Humanoid

    A man-eating robot is seeking revenge against humanity. One day, he stumbles across a humanoid.

  • Sad Clown

    Cursed with immortality, this misery stricken clown tries all he can to end his life but ends up hurting those he cares for most.

  • Paradigm Spiral - The Animated Series

    A sci-fi fantasy 2.5D anime styled series about some guys trying to save the world, probably...

  • The Wheel of Fortune

    I am making an animated movie about Halloween and looking for the funds to make the movie great. 20 yrs computer and business exp.

  • The Poopy Pals First Adventure

    The POOPY Pals, neighborhood best friend pets, stow away to Scotland to help Bailey find her family, with multitudes of adventures.


    We are looking to create a full pilot episode, we have 3 scenes done already and would like to finish about 15-20 minute pilot.

  • The Gift of Autism

    An animated video that features the lives and gifts of a group of individuals on the spectrum. Delivered in a box with a doll and disc.

  • Niña - The Animated Movie

    Trying to design a new Animated Sci-Fi, Philosophical, Romance movie. The art style is a mixture of Japanese and American Comics design

  • @scabscartoon

    We're a group of friends who got together one day and decided to make a cartoon. You're gonna laugh your butt off once we're done.

  • Hello Space Boy!

    Making friends across the universe!

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