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Art in Virginia
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New & Noteworthy

Our Other Bodies — Residency and Exhibition in Buenos Aires

Creating an interactive body of work that merges dance, moving images, painting, and social engagement—to be presented in Buenos Aires

What's popular

Make 3D Digital Art Assets Using Blender: Full Online Course

Create for games, 3D print, modding etc. Learn 3D modelling & animation from scratch. Complete video tutorial. Like 3D studio but free.

Art in Virginia

Cute As A Button

An experimental animation that will literally surround you.

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  • I Miss Everything About You

    A public spectacle essay. Multi-city letterpress broadside installation—curated by project supporters.

  • Organic Growth. Summer Pavilion on Governors Island 2015

    Built out of waste materials, our 95sqm canopy promotes cycling and allows 500,000 visitors to chill out under NY's biggest bouquet.

  • Living Ruins

    A public sculpture and its documentary to show how nature heals earthquake victims in Ludian County (Yunnan Province, China).

  • Visualize Pi Perspective

    Students from The Green School in East Williamsburg Brooklyn combine mathematics and art to VISUALIZE Pi as a mural in their community!

  • Billion Oyster Pavilion

    An Installation on Governor’s Island for Summer 2015, that will become a Permanent Contribution to NY Harbor as Oyster Reef.

  • Mural Festival 2015. Because public art matters.

    Help us enliven the city through engaging public art, inspiring creativity, constructive dialogue and awesome Block Parties.

  • Art After Dark Exhibition Event Project

    ART AFTER DARK are exhibition events where artists can showcase their visionary works and talents in a creative settings..


    Borrowed Light is a sculpture and sound installation with community-driven workshops and performances in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

  • Schools of Fish

    My work is comprised of 9 variations of 300 ceramic fish, a testament to mutual aid and cooperation in the struggle for survival.

  • Public Foam Home

    The project is to turn a 250sq. foot house into a public Foam Home and an art project to document the struggle of living in a Foam Home

  • Bountiful Chalk Art Festival - Magic on the Sidewalk

    The Bountiful Chalk Art Festival needs your help to continue to hold this wonderful event - impacting the lives of all those involved.

  • Degas House Historic Fence Restoration Project

    We are building a replica of the original fence as conceived in 1852 by developer Benjamin Rodriguez.

  • Freedom of Play

    Ever wanted to splatter colours like a Jackson Pollock painting, make a rainbow mess or learn your colour mixing hands on? Join us now!

  • World Peace Through Selfies

    Create a large collage, which portrays peace through selfies taken in every single country.

  • The Quiet Art of Imagination | Studio Be Needs Your Help

    Studio Be is a Milwaukee, WI based art studio that has grown into a community space & ongoing landscaping project.

  • Frida Kahlo: Raices

    Frida Kahlo: Raices is a yearly event that will be held in the Carlotta K. Petrina Cultural Center to promote culture in our community.

  • An Artist's Journey

    Help fund an artist as she works through the summer painting live at concerts and festivals. Mixing passion and paint to create art!

  • King of Pops Mural!

    We've partnered with Hamilton Glass and Matt Lively to put up a mural on the King of Pops's Pop Factory (the place where pops are made)

  • happy hippie art gallery & boutique. canada

    #kickstarter art project. happy hippie art gallery & boutique. dream it with me.

  • Ons basisinkomen Wageningen

    Door te experimenteren met een onvoorwaardelijk basisinkomen brengen we de invoering naderbij. Think global, act local.