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THE REST I MAKE UP: Maria Irene Fornes

This intimate, joyful, haunting portrait of playwright Maria Irene Fornes shows art and friendship enduring in the face of forgetting.

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The Circuit


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Duncan Edwards - The Boy Who Had It All

A short film documenting the rise of school boy prodigy, Duncan Edwards From humble beginnings to the big stage: Manchester United.

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Classic Game Room Feature Review of MUSHA

Massive 90 minute Feature Review of MUSHA for Sega Genesis, one of the greatest games ever created. All new footage and clamshell case!

The Titan's Eagle - a short film by Cheesemint Productions

A short film about a 17th century alchemist who gets caught in a time loop that slowly begins to drain his life force.

Dennis Skinner Documentary: Nature of The Beast

Feature-length documentary about the left-wing MP Dennis Skinner. A cinematic portrait of a committed man and what inspires him.

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Explore 21 live Animation projects

  • ROAMIN' - an animated short film

    Roamin’ is an animated satire about the American Bison's struggle to remain the spirit of freedom.

  • Cyan Eyed: An animated steampunk adventure!

    Cyan Eyed is a short visually stunning, steampunk themed, action animation from filmmaker and VFX industry veteran, Ryan Grobins.

  • Gary Time

    This project will help our start up animation studio create our first and ongoing animated series.

  • "Johny and Jasper" educational series

    This is an educational adventure series for kids about a baby owl and an alien. Physics, science, adventures, drama and joy!

  • Project: eXelcius - Next Generation Movie

    This project aims to create a 3D animated movie that is created by it's fans, it's content and plot will be driven by it's followers.

  • Lego Superheroes Battle For The Universe

    When a common threat invades Earth. Every superhero across the galaxy must unite in order to save Earth and the rest of the universe!

  • TROPICO web series (season 01)

    TROPICO is a 12 episodes series. In a future wild world, where forests have engulfed the cities, the survivors have become primitives.

  • Code Lyoko Rebirth

    An awesome kick ass revival of the series we all know and love, to give it it's proper respect.

  • Tempus Trip: The Animated Series

    Help us make Tempus Trip! A series about space & time travel while fixing the universe. Thanks for your support! We truly appreciate it

  • Starting Under Trumpster Fire Animated Short

    Starting Unders "Trumpster Fire" is a short animated comedy predicting the likely outcome of the Donald Trump run for POTUS in 2016


    You can help create a short to showcase an exciting new action cartoon! In the future, cute animal cyborgs fight against evil dragons.

  • Team SMILE

    Team SMILE is an animated show that combines superheros with comedy. It follows 5 heroes as them come together as an unlikely team.

  • Gear Box Animation Feature

    Gear Box is a story about a young man, his robot that he can merge with and his friends trying to be the best engineers they can be.

  • Lego Christmas Special "THE BRICKSTER RETURNS"

    The Brickster returns is an animated Christmas film inspired by classical Christmas films of the eighties, made with Lego (unofficial).

  • What Makes The World a Better Place?

    Toronto Children's International Film Festival of Animation and Live-Action Films.

  • Furtaug pilot (cartoon)

    Furtaug: follows a boy with powers, and the unmatched ability to help people, and his friends on their adventures.

  • MythologySpot

    Greek, Norse, Egyptian, you name it! Mythology is priceless and I plan to animate these timeless stories and make them entertaining.

  • Sharrock Animated

    GIMME YOUR MONEY!!! But what for, I hear you ask... I'm starting my own animation company and need some money to get me fully started.

  • The Leroy Brown Show

    A first season of an adult, comedy cartoon

  • Colossal - The Advertisement Project

    We're making an advertisement for a show to measure interest and gain support so we can get it on air!

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