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The young Londoners who undertook secret missions against South Africa's apartheid regime. Sensational story hidden for over 40 years.

Selling Our Daughters - The Price of Lies

Exploring the dark side of child advocacy through the story of an “activist” who misrepresents Thai girls as sex trafficking victims.

Do You Hear What I Hear? A Documentary

A documentary about my sister, deafened by spinal meningitis at age 3, and her decision to get a cochlear implant 38 years later.

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Thanks to you, MST3K will get at least THREE NEW EPISODES... but if we can reach $5.5M, you'll get a full season of TWELVE!

NICHTLUSTIG - die Serie!

Zeitreisende Enten! Riesentintenfisch! Lemminge! Yetis! Tod! Pudel! Eine ganze Trickfilmserie!

Star Trek: Renegades Episodes 2 & 3


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  • NICHTLUSTIG - die Serie!

    Zeitreisende Enten! Riesentintenfisch! Lemminge! Yetis! Tod! Pudel! Eine ganze Trickfilmserie!

  • Gavrilo Gnatovich's "Longhair and Doubledome" Episode #3

    Longhair and Doubledome thrust into mankind's first babysitting service, meet their match in "Kiwi", a cute but terrifying cave kid.

  • The WitchDoctor

    The WitchDoctor is a kinetic, black-light, stop-motion short set in a mysterious Tiki wonderland.

  • "The Golden Apple" Series

    Help us bring to life the first animated action-adventure series, based on the magical Balkan legends & folklore!

  • Alfred (Animated Short Film)

    A sequel to the film "Just Some Morning Tea" (shortlisted for the Moving Image Awards) where Alfred is cast into the outside world.

  • Japanese Animation Studio and Gaming Village in Cannes

    Our Japanese Village will include a gaming environment: ‘360 degrees’, ‘4K’ with live satellite uplink for global connectivity.

  • a-tranzlatur

    a tranzlashun of the Dragon King, Zahhak, in the nuclear Ayatollah dynasty! An animated film in the mode of 'SIN CITY', and '300'.

  • The Verge - Thriller, 3D short film

    3D Short Film Verge - Last Touch. Short Film about woman, who found a strange amulet with evil power!

  • Dr. Muffet

    It's a Ringling College Computer Animation short film, about a young girl named Missy struggling with her father losing his humanity!

  • Patch Bo - Organic toons

    Support new organic, gluten free cartoon! You'll enjoy this funny story about fruits & vegies and will be able to see new episodes!

  • Bring back Daria

    Help Bring Back Daria, one of the most beloved cult comedies TV shows ever, for a new season.

  • "MONOMYTH" Animated Short and Art Book

    What if the ancient mythologies were all real? All at the same time.

  • Reynaert the Fox animation project

    Reviving the medieval fable of Reynaert the Fox in an unique style of handmade and digital animation.

  • Foolin' With Bece (More Quality Episodes)

    An animated sitcom for the whole family to enjoy. Bece is the neighborhood grandma that everyone loves...well maybe.

  • THE CRUMPETS : The Animated Series

    The Crumpets is Whimsical Comedy Family Series. Our goal : to produce a high-quality English dub to offer to the english-speaking world

  • The Wishgranter

    An apathetic Wish-granter finds that there's more to his job all along.

  • Health Coaching: The Best You is Coming Soon!

    Help keep people out of our broken Health care system! Fund 10 educational videos about eating whole foods rather than processed foods!

  • The Southwick gang Adventures

    Animation series and book based on the Southwick Gang Adventures. Kids solving problems, having fun and learning along they way.


    This wonderful movie will tells the story of two adorable aliens who crash land into a family’s backyard, and travel the Earth.

  • A Tale of Faith - An Animated Short Film

    A Tale of Faith is an animated short film based on the heartwarming tale by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

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