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New & Noteworthy

Gerald Potterton: The Flying Animator - A documentary film

Oscar-nominated animator Gerald Potterton has influenced an entire generation. Help support the first documentary on his life and work.

What's popular

Spectacle Theater: South 3rd Street Forever!

Help us continue showing lost and forgotten movies for $5!

Film & Video in United States

Hedda Gabler: a play (and film)

Produce both a site-specific play and a high quality film of Henrik Ibsen's under-appreciated masterpiece, Hedda Gabler.

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Explore 40 live Animation projects

  • Squirrel Island - stop motion animation short film

    A stop-motion sci-fi action thriller about squirrel apartheid. Can a renegade grey squirrel survive on this mysterious island?

  • Tough Love

    You’re almost 30… and you're still a mess.

  • Welcome to Tin Cup.

    A world where everything has a voice. A line of ants, sexually aggressive flowers, an ever changing sky, a place where characters rule.

  • The Diddlys "Steam powered Superheroes"

    The Diddlys are steam powered superheroes,transforming into spaceships,submarines or whatever it takes to complete their secret mission

  • Bayne Legacy Apocalypse In Japan

    Bayne Legacy Apocalypse will be The Best New Animated Series to hit all Screens The Super Unnatural World will never be the same again.

  • INQUIETUS: A Short Film

    Once we've conquered nature with technology, does that technology then conquer us?

  • Apple Juice

    I want to Educate Children with cartoons in a Entertaining way.

  • Star Trek Animation Special TPM

    Classic 60's Trek - exciting original adventure - animated in the style of "Johnny Quest". Two part episode, 52 minutes each.

  • Saucy Horsey

    It's just your average animated, Saucy Horsey, Little Piggy, fried chicken-selling street lady, love triangle - and YOU could be in it!

  • Star Wars Fan Film: The Old Republic | A DESTINY AWAKENS

    Based on the hit RPG Knights of the Old Republic series, we follow a young soldier and female mercenary on a quest to stop Darth Malak!

  • "Pirate Parts" Animated Short Film

    Out at sea, a lonely pirate is haunted by mischievous ghosts.

  • Samurai My

    Heartwarming animated adventure film about a 6 year-old tomboy, My, on a quest to defend her father's legacy through feudal Japan.

  • Kids Rule the World

    Creating a voiceover animation demo to submit for roles in kids cartoon shows.

  • Hyper Hunter Rein

    She's tough... She has a sword... and she hunts some of the biggest, baddest Hypernaut's in the city... after homework.


    The 1st "Sci-Foodieomedy" series about the cut-throat business of food trucks starring Margaret Cho, Bobby Lee and Jon Lovitz!

  • Bella's Magnum Opus

    A young girl wish to pursue her passion for drawing and animating her own anime series.

  • Project BLARGE

    I plan to reach $2500 dollars for BLARGEproductions! If you donate you are helping fund the production of a web series and more!!

  • Godslayer

    A action packed animation adventure

  • Tin Man & Lil * A Hackimated Short Film

    We have completely hacked the animation process, and we will not apologize for it...

  • Evolutionary Animated Series for Children on Unity & Love!

    Educating our children about different cultures, diversities and beliefs, cultivates understanding, compassion, harmony and love.

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