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  • Project We Love
    9aa4129fce57952c1eff460e74a7ad9d original

    Craft Beer Your Way - Easier, More Affordable, More Fun!

  • Project We Love
    8f1551c418c215a86f766058a5086eb4 original

    The first publicly accessible space telescope! Take amazing photos of space or have your photo displayed above the Earth.

  • Project We Love
    C974df593e811c96134c5be2897255d2 original

    Brew your own fresh, personalized craft beer using professional equipment and ingredients from a worldwide BrewMarketplace

  • Project We Love
    F557270a4de113337dc32cf4b94608f7 original

    If you missed our Kickstarter and you are looking for prints you can find them below!  For free downloads head to

  • Project We Love
    752ff4d5a7118cd2df381eb495dfdb47 original

    Tak is a new abstract strategy game created by James Ernest and Patrick Rothfuss, based on the game in The Wise Man's Fear.

  • Liberty+: The First Zero-Compromise Total-Wireless Earphones

    Graphene-Enhanced Sound | Exceptional Comfort & Fit | Unbreakable Bluetooth | 48Hr Playtime | Effortless Setup | Smart AI

  • Project We Love
    9005f7cee4a564fb27e3b2982a5f5e1a original

    castAR: bridging the physical world with the virtual worlds; 3D holographic like projections in AR, fully immersive environments in VR

  • Finally, brains and beauty in a sous vide machine.

  • Project We Love
    80b63cb40a20f989ea19abe96b1e466c original

    The World's First Battery Case, Photo Case, and Cinema Wide Lens for Mobile Photography.

  • Project We Love
    Ab52108fa60ef675ffa29f03d236fcf8 original

    A case for mobile photographers that turns your iPhone 6 and 6+ into an even better camera with a shutter button, lens, and strap attachment.

  • Project We Love
    D716dfc92750f0627bec516a34bb5be3 original

    A roleplaying game of surrealistic fantasy, secrets, and magic played both at the table—and away from it.

  • Project We Love

    Brew award-winning craft beer at the touch of a button!

  • Project We Love
    433b19e6755cb98336deb01abc2c9c64 original

    Lone Shark Games and Penny Arcade have combined forces to create the first Eyrewood Adventures board game. Welcome to Thornwatch.

  • Project We Love
    A649142fd17689f0580f3f89268fa434 original

    Robot Turtles is the the most-backed board game in Kickstarter history. It sneakily teaches programming fundamentals to kids ages 3+.

  • Project We Love
    6a1644e6942908996da99390854fe6f5 original

    Help Hope escape from a 1984-inspired dystopia. Developed by Camouflaj (MGS4, F.E.A.R., Halo 4, Kinect) and Logan (Skyrim TV spot).

  • Thank you everyone. We're moving forward with production and we'll keep you posted with updates. We'll continue to accept pre-orders on our website

  • Project We Love
    F3962b7a2cc2c26e56dc7e154a1fa77d original

    People ask how they can support Penny Arcade in a way that doesn't involve shirts or looking at ads, and we think we've found a way.

  • Project We Love
    7b754ccd09ead1e01384841ae8d73f03 original

    Neal Stephenson wants to revolutionize sword fighting video games.

  • Project We Love
    Dd09f41cafb37f56e44cb99fd700e382 original

    Step a billion years into the future—into the Ninth World, where the remnants of previous civilizations’ technologies are indistinguishable from magic. Based on Monte’s Cook’s Cypher System, a new RPG system that focuses on story and ideas over mechanics.

  • Bigger than Meccano and Lego. Much bigger. With just one kit and one tool you can build unlimited real rides together with your child.

  • Best Sleep Mask for 100% Blackout. Perfect for Power Nap, Insomnia, Jet Lag. Never Let Poor Sleep Interfere With Your Epic Life Again.

  • Project We Love
    Aa6d3322104d47d5292ef8ce5820780e original

    With your help, Automata can finally be made into a live action web series.

  • Project We Love
    361920febae7eb6b18f9f19ea31beca1 original

    A proven goal-setting, planning, and productivity system for superstars. Make 2016 your best year yet.

  • Project We Love
    886b623b670f0d5241a5c9137904c618 original

    The highest quality lenses to empower mobile picture takers everywhere to capture incredible images with their phones.