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Apocalypse Camp - New Orleans

Become an action hero in a weekend. A two-day crash course and competition in lock-picking, motorcycle-riding and other badass skills.

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You are one of the last humans on earth, trying to reach a rumored fortress. Will you survive, or evolve?

Games in United States

Bulldogs! Fate Core Edition - Sci-Fi That Still Kicks Ass

Bulldogs! is a tabletop role-playing game about high action space adventure. Grab your blaster and take to the stars!

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  • Exchequer Medallion

    Getting the Exchequer medallion completed.

  • Chatelaine Medallion

    Getting the SCA Chatelaine medallion completed.

  • Chirurgeon Medallion

    Getting the SCA Chirugeon medallion completed.

  • Chronicler Medallion

    Getting the SCA Chronicler medallion completed.

  • Seneschal Medallion

    Getting the SCA Seneschal medallion completed.

  • Herald Medallion

    Getting the SCA Herald medallion completed.

  • MoAS Medallion

    Getting the SCA Minister/Mistress of Arts & Science medallion completed.

  • MoL Medallion

    Getting the SCA Minister/Mistress of the Lists medallion completed.

  • Archery Marshal Medallions

    Getting the SCA Archery Marshal medallion completed

  • Equestrian Marshal Medallion

    Getting the SCA Equestrian Marshal medallion completed.

  • Web Minister Medallion

    Getting the SCA Web Minister/Mistress medallion completed.

  • Heavy Weapons Marshal

    Getting the SCA Heavy Weapons medallion completed.

  • Thrown Weapons Marshal

    Getting the SCA Thrown Weapons Marshal medallion completed.

  • Bring Back Emerald City Search

    Get a new clue each day, solve the puzzle, and find the medallion. Supreme bragging rights and a bountiful treasure await you.

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