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Project We Love
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K POP Sauce - The Ultimate Korean Chili Sauce

Use K POP Sauce to add pop to ANY of your favorite snacks or meals! The unique Korean flavors will have you coming back for more!

Project We Love
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Bill's Kitchen - my very best recipes from a life of food

Bill's Kitchen will be a beautifully illustrated hardback cookery book with the very best recipes from my cafes and my home

Project We Love
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Star Bright Farm: Our First Field

Our first Lavender plants are for range of sustainably grown small batch value added products and shared at farm to table gatherings

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Doppio: Double-Sided Kitchen Knife

Introducing the world's first kitchen knife with serrated and straight edge all in one blade.

Project We Love
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Chocolate Fully Made in Africa Goes Organic

Fairest and most delicious chocolate in the world. 100% organic and more flavors for you, more jobs for Africa!

My Food Stamps Cookbook

What to eat when you broke & wanna be healthy? Poverty doesn't have to kill you! This cookbook will help you use food (stamps) to heal!

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  • Project We Love
    122fa493e55f2cf65595fedfa4566110 original

    You might not like peas, but you'll love these! These healthy and happea delights are made from roasted green peas - a recipe from Singapore! Now available at

  • Project We Love
    25307a13b76d64c94d24fc37f0cf89de original

    Family recipes & authentic stories from 9 grandmas across cultures in NY. A documentary-style web series. Multiculturalism. Women. Heritage.

  • Project We Love
    2813fac7b0e4c31d8b46f62b3c21c747 original

    To visit our new Kickstarter campaign, please click on the "Follow along" button below.

  • Project We Love
    Ef3a132bd198c81c976ab6974413151f original

    Homemade bitters are a great way to take your cocktails to the next level. This kit will help you get started.

  • Project We Love
    Bed35b464d19932bd00e4d93d103f58a original

    Colombian coffee cubes & Hot Chocolate cubes sweetened with raw cane sugar. Raw/Chemical Free/Vegan/Kosher/Non-GMO

  • Project We Love
    A9ea522b32bd774a688b485e6fa5e441 original

    Cooking with Loula (April 2016) is the new edition of Cooking to Share! Artisan books is also the publisher of such huge names as Thomas Keller and David Tanis. Clearly Kickstarter backers you have rocked my world by supporting me! !

  • Project We Love

    KEFIRKO enables you easier preparation of traditional kefir

  • Project We Love
    6a680fd6873ae197b871dc8ece49a740 original

    A biographical cookbook about culinary legend and Alzheimer's advocate Paula Wolfert

  • Project We Love
    5cbbdd77266c76db07c61f3838fcf525 original

    THANK YOU! We did it! We're on the way to writing the next chapter of Food Book Fair, and couldn't have done it without your support. Save the date for May 1st - 2nd at the Wythe Hotel. Visit for more info. See you at the fair!

  • Project We Love
    57149cc98d57951122c82f068f22c37b original

    Help launch the ultimate website for food-obsessed travelers.

  • Project We Love
    7c702673f98d901bbbadccfb8ddc03d8 original

    Seattle's first 100% plant based ice cream truck is ready for a shop of its own! Serving organic treats & espresso, all made with love.

  • Project We Love
    D4868a68021c3f40b4546409ed3ec696 original

    A precision Bluetooth cooking tool with or without your iPhone. Tinker with your recipes, not your tools.

  • Project We Love
    37bc2ac043c9bfc8eda235060fd47a1a original

    Wheeling's home for Handcrafted Food is moving to a new location offering a better atmosphere serving the product you already love!

  • Project We Love
    73f64d6ad21509a6cc0ea8599adae667 original

    We did it, we made wine!

  • Project We Love
    33f34457d2d39c87d7d224be0ba02261 original

    Compass Green is a greenhouse on wheels designed to teach sustainability to new audiences across the country.

  • Project We Love
    C4bda76778eecb87275010d8d30d2ae5 original

    The web series that shines a spotlight on America's plant powered eats and local market treats keeping it vegan while on the go!

  • Project We Love
    53d41a361de466076e6d9cca531452a3 original

    Sets with 4,6,8,10,12, and 20 sided dice that you can roll and eat! Using custom molds for chocolate sets.

  • Project We Love
    B0c3ec723b5349ec2b10fa43cc82d6a5 original

    Vodka, whiskey and fruit brandy - coming soon! We are a coastal distillery located in historic Half Moon Bay, California.

  • Project We Love
    Ff65eb835bfe8383d54f40c619b2deab original

    Delicious, creamy, & over 30 flavor combinations that everyone will enjoy! Made with love & sold out of our 1974 VW Bus.

  • Project We Love
    6d12b5b62c485e590b8122a83a302081 original

    We are following our dream of building a creamery and will be offering handcrafted, Italian-style cheeses.