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  • "The Lighthouse Keeper"

    The project is about giving many young promising film makers an educational process within film making and lots of inspiration.


    Like a true Viking, you can now drink your beer, wine, booze, or blood of your enemies from these hand finished, real horn vessels.

  • FloraBox — Modular Reflective Growing Enclosure

    Grow a perfect organic crop with 90% less water, no pesticides, no bugs, no weeds, year round, and 4X faster!

  • Undivided New Album

    Complete the recording of the new album and release it next year. Album No. 6 will be a collection of covers songs and originals.

  • Para el Maestro: Homenaje a Terry Pratchett

    Colección de relatos inéditos en honor de Sir Terry Pratchett. Con la colaboración de la Fundación Cita-Alzheimer.

  • Chikungunya! Apps Android

    Discover Chikungunya! The objective is to eliminate most mosquitoes in an allotted time. Level Up, Bonus, and height other surprise.

  • Project We Love
    Project image
    Awesome 'Possum, Vol. 3

    Third volume of the natural science comic anthology, including 45 creators.

  • ArtStewdios Film & Photography Services

    I film & take photos of Student Athletes of all Ages & create a Documentary of them for future High School & College Scouts

  • Project We Love
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    ✔ Check, Please!: Year Two

    Bitty is back for his sophomore year at Samwell University and you can help bring his story to print! It's Check Please: Year Two!

  • Plant Based Bachelor

    I need help launching my brand! I have determination and focus, I just need basic equipment to be able to share my voice with the world


    Blueprints based on four colors (Black|Blue|White|Grey) and three forms (Circle|Square|Triangle).

  • Project We Love
    Project image
    Astronaut: The Best

    The narrative strategy PC game where you turn underdog losers into presentable space heroes using lies, dark magic, and/or hard work.

  • Spudz radio, Baltimore's first EDM radio station

    Spudz radio will incorporate all genres of EDM, with events, contests, and guest appearances.

  • Save the Prophet: Fund the Don't Pulp-it Tour

    The last 2,000 copies of A Very Minor Prophet are scheduled for incineration. Send the author to the book slaughterhouse to save them.

  • Historical Novel

    We are writing a historical novel about the invasion of Amsterdam in 1577. N.B.: The book’ll only be published in Dutch

  • The Neapolitan 16/17

    This is what LIMITLESS sounds like.

  • Misconduct: Episode 1

    Hidden camera footage of Judges, lawyers, and other bureaucrats misbehaving. Plus interviews with the people who challenge them.

  • I will do your story into a book and publish it

    I will take your story and turn it into a paperback book, ebook and tell you 14 self publishing places you can list it for sale.

  • The Identity Club

    A film about a group of people who impersonate celebrities to the point of dying the same way they do.

  • The Monster & The Sparrow

    Once there was a Monster who lived all alone, on a hill in a cave that didn't feel much like home. Until one day a sparrow came!