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  • Project We Love
    0d27f5f37b52103cf8e965b15c64d758 original

    Protest is an American art. With our broadside portfolio, we are celebrating ten great acts of American Protest—for one week only!

  • Project We Love
    38d8ef7bb42927378509bfe482a3cd5e original

    Bring a beautiful Indigo watercolor into your home and receive a bonus mini-print! All proceeds support my first solo show.

  • Project We Love
    C668b071a17ca1beb0e7096977869f06 original

    Piece together the shards of your reality and save your world from a multiverse collision in this competitive game of risk & deception.

  • Project We Love
    E95c45271a7a4766dc3e00f6dc452080 original

    A room-scale fantasy VR MMO featuring combat, exploration, and crafting designed for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift+Touch.

  • Project We Love
    356893fae567a1fc5c5d2e0252320228 original

    An Art Adventure in a Magicians' Lair with Olivia De Berardinis & Thomas Kuntz

  • Project We Love
    7d8ed9a037f1aae5ab749e524526f405 original

    "Is your Life... dull? Step into MINE for 7 months!" A collection of daily comics, sketches, and observations on Life.

  • Project We Love
    7703c11cdcf8d5c351d643b4f8cdeed0 original

    Fantasy music release exploring the celestial soundscapes inspired by the tales of Dragonborn.

  • Project We Love
    7e1078dffb10202b9c2139b13b783ca5 original

    I'm funding a 1 Night Only book release event: a staged-reading of select scenes from my debut adventure novel.

  • Project We Love
    899b19290045523562a33e0eac87e6c0 original

    A shotgun marriage of low-poly mini golf and surreal humor. >>> Fling up and go FULL BOOP <<<

  • Project We Love
    F02ec1011e445f0bab1e387973786353 original

    Using a unique watercolor technique, I build each state topography. I'd done a few of the states, but you all funded the completion of the rest of them, in addition to some incredible stretch goals.

  • Project We Love
    A7069c77106be14dfff6812e498dc5d2 original

    A series of five spring animal water colour paintings to be created and printed as greeting cards.

  • Project We Love
    1289822ab46c6b0b9ded71020c7b6f91 original

    A photographic journey through Lapland, the Arctic Circle, and Finland featuring wildlife, landscapes, and the aurora borealis.

  • Project We Love
    9cfb08a3ec7362247a7e544612a9b046 original

    The HMAS Furious! This is airship is easy to build and looks great when finished. Designed with 28mm VSF/Pulp gaming in mind.

  • Project We Love
    436ef50a8d6c6592bdb0db9c1bbea55e original

    Already coming to comic shops, this 7 day campaign is to bring Alterna's creator-owned newsprint comics to newsstands across the world!

  • Project We Love
    327bfaa39819ccd148ae995564f73ec4 original

    Custom designed Playing Cards created for magic lovers printed by the USPCC under the Bicycle Label. LIMITED RUN of 1,000 decks.

  • Project We Love
    F983f4286bf45f9904c77d4816b825e4 original

    A low cost system to transform your RaspberryPi, Arduino, Genuino, Omega2 to a digital back for 35mm cameras from the 50/60/70s and 80s

  • Project We Love
    69cfa6531f82e50bd22526065c1080ed original

    Kids4Cameras is dedicated to teaching and sharing photography work produced by homeless and at-risk youth in Edmonton, Alberta!

  • Project We Love
    29294d3359406b904ddeab19cf9fd5b5 original

    A 2-color risograph comic about the unlikely meeting of a hungry cat and a displaced fish. (An ALL IN 1 project: one week only!)

  • Project We Love
    13bcf97829acc295006349b1b2034a0f original

    We are creating limited edition prints of one of Dave Dorman's most iconic paintings. Edition sizes will be limited to this campaign.

  • Project We Love

    Big, bold perpetual date calendars celebrating awesome fonts with a great history.