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  • Project We Love
    49afa083d32b9520ef265a46eb12f47a original

    A storytelling walk across the planet that serves as a bridge between continents, languages, nationalities and creeds.

  • Project We Love
    C96d848b526a07bfae72b3710f613539 original

    We are making an heirloom edition of Shakespeare's Sonnets, and with it, launching a new series.

  • Project We Love
    5c0a95b0b23d8cda8292fc2ab91c13ef original

    A collection of reporting on type, printing, and punctuation by Glenn Fleishman, letterpress printed by him in a limited edition book.

  • Project We Love
    0238749c8d5dbaf21f5ac87a83a69063 original

    A magical photograph taken in Finland as part of The Forest Project. Now available as a limited edition art print for just 100 backers.

  • Project We Love
    E246ff418bc75b346e2fc2dd7f08cdcc original

    A collection of short story comics and portraits inspired by the music of Lana Del Rey.

  • Project We Love
    Decda20be21a8275f504826cea54aa5d original

    A deck of cards, world-building workshops, and artworks designed to help you imagine alternative global futures.

  • Project We Love
    4f33cf0d5eba4c8acb39af6ff6e4a720 original

    A single page story with heart. This is a limited edition, high quality 11x15 print. The starting point for The Wild Cosmos series.

  • Project We Love
    7f145236418d909485137633c8943d55 original

    “Featherbuns” by ANNAMARIAANGELIKA are unique hair accessories, made in Germany from upcycled silk. (DIY instructions also available!)

  • Project We Love
    F577b05da24695a9af9ee5138b83c31f original

    A macabre 6x9" art book of memento mori imagery by SKULLGARDEN.

  • Project We Love

    Precise, perfectly-balanced, stainless steel spinning tops designed to make everyday decision-making more fun!

  • Project We Love
    D867711c04235b81a08db37f8f962774 original

    The TiGr mini+ takes strong and lightweight security to the next level with more locking area. The latest in elegant bicycle security.

  • Project We Love
    872536802edf2c14db91b463c30b5a49 original

    100 eggs cooked, popped & eaten in Brooklyn. 100 unique breakfasts, GIFs & one epic egg porn montage to rule them all.

  • Project We Love
    3bb46e37d5338d51a7376ff618ea7731 original

    A Return to Optimistic Sci-Fi. A Story of the Last Scientist Returning to Earth. Dedicated to hard science!

  • Project We Love
    Fd19c93d03c0fbc69313a89742beb98f original

    Rare Art Nouveau image from the forthcoming reprint of Alphonse Mucha's mystical 1899 masterpiece in a deluxe limited edition print

  • Project We Love
    D839757639094dd3237320625b9930dd original

    Robot Picasso isn't like the other robots - he just wants to draw. Let him draw you a cubist-style artwork from your own photograph.

  • Project We Love
    74d05f9c203f80dee9731d47dfc82508 original

    Steal treasure from the Spanish, but be wary of greedy crewmates who may be secretly plotting to maroon you to the island of Tortuga. If you missed the campaign, you can pre-order with the blue button below!

  • Project We Love
    00138ccf0d54b36f73861f25f8b56eac original

    I designed this frame loom to be so easy to use, it's like a sketch pad for weaving! I'll make a weaving on it and send the kit to you! The first big push is over, now you can get a loom on my website, link below!

  • Project We Love
    36e787c529ce2eae31223532f79b2b25 original

    Did you miss our amazing Kickstarter? No worries! You can still pre-order the FIRST EDITION today. Click on the link to learn more!

  • Project We Love
    940f492e687020ee177354a1ec56bf27 original

    100 waves for ocean lovers! I'm offering 100 paintings, drawings and prints of my art, all about the magic of wild ocean surf.

  • Project We Love
    Ea3023b7ab22f3d835f8ae57f8102a4f original

    Vegetable & meat fillings that you assemble with your favorite fresh ingredients into quick, real meals. Dinner's almost ready.