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  • Project We Love
    7e519fa49227e1a377ec4efd4eb534ef original

    With a hardwood body, mechanical switches & custom-sculpted keycaps, it's a joy to type on. It comes with source code & a screwdriver.

  • Project We Love
    771c6db717ccfc2d3904c9b6835ada78 original

    Space-saving! Lumbar-supporting! Weather-resisting! Personality-enhancing! Mechanically-marveling! The superhero of chairs.

  • Project We Love
    6a098979bd28f1871b5b938166e32347 original

    Our mission: To launch our Crimson Hot Sauce & introduce our Chili & Garlic Pickles. Let's change the game together!

  • Project We Love
    Bd41272c556b0750e0e2217505b81842 original

    A unique Art Toy collection inspired on the most famous painters of art history. Hand painted by talented Mexican Artisans!

  • Project We Love
    35bde97d0aa419cd2d9bcb7744b956da original

    Making a difference one unretouched photo at a time, capturing authentic moments & real people on raw film.

  • Project We Love
    00138ccf0d54b36f73861f25f8b56eac original

    I designed this frame loom to be so easy to use, it's like a sketch pad for weaving! I'll make a weaving on it and send the kit to you! The first big push is over, now you can get a loom on my website, link below!

  • Project We Love
    4cf7a7769cf13d554d7c2e751792202f original

    Bring the flavors of Sicilian tradition into your home kitchen with Angelo's newest creation – a zesty and herbaceous seasoning!

  • Project We Love
    39a8bdd60f496e25473efe94ea6e3d58 original

    A charitable craft brewery and tasting room in Niantic CT. We're fighting the dreaded Maa-Crow and bringing back delicious craft lagers.

  • Project We Love
    A0adb919df5108da519400443f70840d original

    Pichinku is one of the first Peru-based producers of 100% naturally dyed alpaca and wool knitting yarns, lovingly made in small batches by the hands of skilled women artisans.

  • Project We Love
    64f015720dcd61ea496b47feec98b605 original

    Lifetime-lasting scissors designed and hand-made by Ernest Wright and Son Ltd in Sheffield England - the birthplace of stainless steel.

  • Project We Love
    36083b431901d413c549f4998e2b375c original

    A documentary about the survival of letterpress and the remarkable printers who preserve the history and knowledge of the craft.

  • Project We Love
    F87d02962753d4fc8cb60a1558fead61 original

    Handcrafted leather boots that is balance in aesthetic & practicality. Suitable for casual or formal occasions. Customization available. You can still participate by clicking the button below. Cheers

  • Project We Love
    1dacfb3db63cf3e25683092d003e45db original

    TUTI means "little sister" in Totonaca language, it's a brand of handmade dolls borned in a small atelier in Mexico City.

  • Project We Love
    73c15ab3c1e7fd44b6ecde4a027ac3e6 original

    Start living the cookie life. We're bringing back that fresh from the oven taste, at a size that's right for your body & spirit.

  • Project We Love
    241cdcb1f506a00e7f5b3a4fb441bc48 original

    Take the stress out of eating healthy. Our All Natural 100% grass-fed beef is delivered directly to your door from the best farms.

  • Project We Love
    4ef25f60694545f0fac088c6382f49d6 original

    Bringing the BEST MATCHA on the planet to the West!

  • Project We Love
    Ad7f92e5722a55a045c4d9da9a328550 original

    Craft Brewery Experience with an awesome tasting room and 3000 sq.ft. outdoor (licensed) picnic area. Coming to East Abby in Dec 2015.

  • Project We Love
    74a5518b977a29f93d0e772de09cf366 original

    Handmade boxes with original designs. Choose an existing design or work with me to design one from scratch.

  • Project We Love
    85a2bb95220319cb3e772dc1dbfdeec0 original

    The Cinder Cone Build Book documents the process of building the two tree houses and a bowl from inception to the final result.

  • Project We Love
    8e5eab6f296d110db2e482eeb8283905 original

    GRP has done it!!! We're here because of you, and we can't wait to share what we have in store for the future! Thank you all for your support and love of pickles.

  • Project We Love
    Cd5dd156d544b51fccb969fb87b2eb62 original

    Brian Giniewski is a ceramic artist expanding into a larger studio space and looking to purchase new equipment to grow his business

  • Project We Love
    E92e563b30dd37b58432dc076396cd2e original

    Handmade rugs have depicted life in ancient cities for centuries. We think it's time to interpret modern places — starting with NYC.

  • Project We Love
    Fde8b8eea38b3ffbc68127246967b9d8 original

    We craft fine culinary sea salts from the Gulf of Mexico in Lafayette, LA, bringing the unique merroir of the Gulf to your table.

  • Project We Love
    9a5b0b9787e1c33ac1cf18476a7292e0 original

    Grab some coffee, plug in your phone, laptop, & do what lights you up. Become a backer & receive some awesome rewards. Click Read More!