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Project We Love
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Not Drunk Enough Volume 1!

A horror comedy about a repairman who was in the wrong place at the wrong time thanks to mad scientists and monsters.

Project We Love
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NIKOLAI - The Authorized Biography of the Wrestling Legend

The real-life tale of Nikolai Volkoff - his family history, his escape from the Soviet Bloc, & his rise to wrestling fame in the USA!

Project We Love
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Merrick: The Gambler's Cards

The Elephantman battles Spring Heeled Jack for a set of magic cards that can thwart the Devil in his latest Victorian pulp adventure.

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Collecting the latest four chapters of Plume into its third volume, Kickstarter exclusive hardcover edition, and trade paperback!

Project We Love
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Steve Lichman - Volume 2

Life's hard when you're a Lich. Join Steve and his friends during their everyday lives down in the dungeon. (Hardcover, 400 pages)

GWAR: Orgasmageddon - the Scumdogs conquer comics!

Metal shock rock legends GWAR wreak havoc through time, shape human history, and KILL EVERYTHING in a new full-color comics series!

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Explore 192 live Comics projects

  • 1First Comics Fan Packs - TWO WEEK CAMPAIGN

    Winter is coming! Help 1First gear up for next Summer while you stay warm & cozy with these EXCLUSIVE gems during the cold months!


    When "made" mongrels run amuck in a canine underworld of chaos and crime, be ready to protect your turf. This gang is Bad to the Bone!

  • Project We Love
    Project image
    FAÇADE: Ongoing Urban Super Hero Comic With A Sinister Twist

    Part of an ongoing comic book series about a man seeking answers and revenge in a corrupt city, after discovering he has new abilities.

  • Crystal's Odyssey

    A psychedelic journey into madness and depravity like none before it! Prepare to go #PSYCHODELIC!!

  • Blood Drive Parody Collection Trading Cards

    A new vintage style trading card series with a bat named Radar lampooning pop culture franchises over the last fifty years.

  • Day One The Comic

    Day one chronicles an apocalyptic event that tears the world apart. We journey with Pik Samson as he loses everything on day one.

  • The Chronicles of the Newborn - Rise of the Mlezi

    Long ago in ancient Africa, EVIL sort to engulf the land but the celestial council had a remedy for this uprising.

  • WHORE OF BABYLON | A Horror/Grindhouse Graphic Novel

    Cherry Blackbird made a deal with the Devil for fame. The day she turns 27, she'll be dragged to Hell. But she's not one to go quietly.

  • Project We Love
    Project image
    Charlton Comics Silver Age Cover Gallery: 8 Volumes!

    The CHARLTON COMICS SILVER AGE COVER GALLERY with 100s of the company’s wild covers from the early 1960s. LOVE • WAR • WEST • WEIRD

  • Searching For A Bearded Civet

    A story that teaches a lesson on morality about an indecent plan resulted from immoral lust in the heart of a father in law...

  • The Axeman Cometh

    The Axeman Cometh is a spine tingling Southern Gothic/Crime Noir thrill ride that will keep you guessing until the very end!

  • Kim W. Anderssons serieroman ASTRID: Vulkanmånens kult

    Kim W. Anderssons nya serieroman ASTRID släpps 4 november 2016. Köp den här för att få den först, till bättre pris och i lyxig utgåva!

  • Special Agent Harambe

    What really happened on that fateful day in Cincinnati? What is Project Caesar? And was it worth his life? Find out what happens next.

  • Twisted Pulp & Under The Streetlight

    A new pulp double feature! The latest Out of the Blue collection is joined by the /r/ComicBookCollabs noir anthology. 200 pages!

  • The Vanguards comic/manga

    Cover the fees for the writing/illustrating and time spent on the whole comic.

  • PatchWork Cerberus Volume 1

    An independent author creating an anime-esque action Light Novel. Support the next book and get the previous one for free.

  • Project We Love
    Project image
    Speak No Evil - Issue #2

    Speak No Evil is the story of two brothers who open a portal to another dimension, using the research of Nikola Tesla and HP Lovecraft.

  • The Trade

    A one shot horror graphic novel that recounts the horrific, bizarre and poignant story of the enigmatic Serena.

  • Countdown

    Countdown is a story about humanity from a very different perspective. Adam must fight back the darkness in his city and himself.

  • Flintlock Book Two

    Return to the 18th Century, with the second book in the unique Flintlock anthology series!