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New & Noteworthy

Hidden in Plain Sight: Volume 1

Printing of the webcomic Hidden in Plain Sight: a futuristic story about celestial aliens and learning what it means to be human.

What's popular

Kros: Hallowed Ground

Vampire Hunter Kros fights a battle at night as fearful and horrific as the battles fought during the day at the Battle of Gettysburg.

Comics in United States

Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five - A Roller Girl & A Day Job

The story of roller girl Bonnie, her werewolf coworker Herb, and her antics on and off the track are coming to a collected comic book!

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  • SPeTRE

    hey guys im trying to start my own comic but i need funding lol im broke very passionate about my work im going to upload concept art

  • Kros: Hallowed Ground

    Vampire Hunter Kros fights a battle at night as fearful and horrific as the battles fought during the day at the Battle of Gettysburg.

  • Alice vs The World

    Humanity is Web Comic / Digital Series about a girl named "Alice" trying to take over the world of Wonderland.

  • The Jekyll Island Chronicles (book 1 of a planned series)

    A new graphic novel, alt-history in diesel punk style about anarchy, villains and an unlikely band of heroes set between World Wars!

  • Sharks on a Train

    Scientists, agents, smugglers, investigators, capitalists, soldiers, journalists, hippies, strippers, mysteries and sharks on a train.

  • Beans

    31 black & white Sunday strip-style comics set at a private school for gifted youngsters. Political satire.

  • Red Hill Billy: Red Hill Rising

    Rabid Werewolves roam the Canadian Wilderness. 10 year-old Billy and his classmates must fight for survival in this action/horror epic.

  • ExNihilo.Entertainment Comics Reboot

    We're taking one more swing at this. The newest connected comicbook universe, strongly inspired by DC and MARVEL Comics.

  • The Chosen Saga: Excitus- The Awakening

    The story of the shift, growth, fall and change of a group of young adults gifted with extraordinary abilities.

  • Ray's Comics

    An older style comic and memorabilia store for collectors and more.

  • The MyExtraLife Comic Definitive Collection

    Finally. Scott Johnson got off his rump and did the thing people have been bugging him about for years now. The MyExtralife Collection!

  • Murder at the Hollywood Hotel by Rick Geary

    MURDER AT THE HOLLYWOOD HOTEL is not a comic book, not a graphic novel, but a lavishly illustrated story set in Hollywood's early years

  • Rude Dude Nexus and The Moth Comic Strip Newspaper

    We’re excited to bring something rare & unique to the comic book industry. A weekly newspaper strip and a monthly mailed subscription!

  • Matt Martin's WEBWITCH

    WEBWITCH is Matt Martin's all-new thrill ride of monster carnage, alien melting death rays, sexy women and even sexier aliens.

  • Multiplex: The Revenge

    The Multiplex 10 Cinemas faces off against the staff of Flickhead Video (and more!) in the latest Multiplex trade paperback!

  • Pole Dancing Adventures The Book: Volume 2

    What does it take to be a pole dancer? This comic covers lifestyle, tricks and tips in humorous comic strips! Pre-order Volume 2 now!

  • Zorphbert & Fred Bean Bag Plushes

    2 Aliens, Disguised as Dogs, in Adorable Plush form? GREAT NEPTUNE YES! Help us immortalize the Zorphbert & Fred comic characters!

  • Light-Earth #0

    Light-Earth #0 is a sci-fi/fantasy epic featuring an immensely powerful entity and his attempts to free an ancient, enslaved world.

  • The Famous Monsters Chronicles

    Strictly limited Kickstarter only editions!! All new interviews & complete index of every original Famous Monsters issue from 1-191.

  • Back to the NerdFest : A color ZEEK ...the Martian Geek tpb

    ZEEK ...explores all of Space/Time & resides in Portland, OR EARTH by himself, with his friend Nurdy from Venus, his A.I. Datum & more.