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Great Big Hawaiian Dick 100-Page Hardcover Graphic Novel!

Kickstarter exclusive, 100-page hardcover edition of brand new HAWAIIAN DICK material. The hit comic book and soon-to-be NBC TV show!

Terminal Protocol

A scientific genius pushes the limits of artificial intelligence and robotics in an attempt to save her husband's life.

Heliosphere: A sci-fi comic

A conceptual biopunk comic about a girl named Maya. See her adapt to many drastic changes after being trapped in the future.

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The Sunday Comics

The Sunday Comics is a modern twist on a traditional newspaper where we've brought together over 300 artists to create original comics!

Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales: Asia Edition

An anthology of comics inspired by Asian folktales, drawn by many amazing indie comic artists!

Sarah Scribbles' Plush Bunny!

Help bring to life the adorable plush bunny from the webcomic Sarah Scribbles!

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Explore 166 live Comics projects

  • Jungle Fantasy: Vixens

    JUNGLE FANTASY returns with VIXENS! New stories from Renato Camilo & Daniel HDR, plus classic Al Rio art in color for the first time.

  • Scrimshaw - an epic post-apoc, high-seas adventure comic

    A sci-fi, swordplay, comic featuring a Euro-Japanese Samurai, his mutant valet, and the rest of the crew of the Runaway Horse.

  • Type Fun Diabetes

    I want to take the stigma out of sickness, I want to put the happiness in healthcare, I want to give direction to diabetics.

  • Im Glad I Met You

    centered around a 16 y/o African American protagonist who runsaway to Tokyo japan and is unknowingly pursued by a force of individuals.

  • An indictment of systemic corruption and intolerance.

    A sci-fi opera comic about individual spirit, loneliness and the cost of cultural corruption. Aria is about us and our basest nature.

  • Heartbreak Quadrant

    A new sci-fi comic where Earth is history, the future is bleak, and the snacks are always past their expiration date.

  • SENSO戦争 a comic series

    Judah must face conspiracy, legends and iconic demons in order to over throw a tyrant government and reclaim control of the 12 tribes!

  • The Pelotoon

    The Pelotoon - a new webcomic, my observations of past & current events in cycling as well as everything that makes the sport so great

  • Nelson Beats The Odds: Tameka's New Dress

    Tameka starts a new school after being placed with her grandmother. Her new dress helps her overcome bullying and a traumatic past.

  • OCCULT GENERATION - A hardboiled sci-fi graphic novel series

    The story is set in 1920s NYC featuring the paranormal, queer culture & a secret society in Harlem committed to ending oppression.

  • See You At the Fair! - 1939 NY World's Fair Trading Cards

    The 1939-40 New York World's Fair and San Francisco Expo gum card set that never existed - But should have! STRETCH GOALS ADDED!

  • Xtreme Champion Tournament Issue #3

    XCT: Traitor a twisting action filled story where no one appears to be who they seem. Is there a traitor in Spartacus's midst?

  • Northwest Press Fall Titles

    Northwest Press, one of the only publishers devoted to LGBT comics, is wrapping up its fifth anniversary year with two great series!

  • Low Budget Man Issue 1

    "Low Budget Man" is the vigilante defender of Springfield, Missouri... He's kinda like Batman... if Batman were poor.

  • When Promises End - Volume 1A: Red Hero

    An action drama light novel series set in Japan. WPE is based on the concept of the deadly sins that are spirits with powers.

  • Digital Slang Graphic Novel - Episode #1 The Proxy War

    There's a war going on to control young minds. But an awakening population of technologically advanced youth “Just ain’t havin' it!"

  • Shadoweyes: Volume One

    Sophie Campbell‘s webcomic about a shapeshifting crimefighter in the futuristic city of Dranac returns to print in FULL COLOR!

  • Everette Hartsoe's RAZOR: SCARS ART GALLERY hardcover book

    RAZOR is the dark cult comic book character by Everette Hartsoe is now celebrating her 25th Anniversary with a beautiful Gallery book

  • Champion Killers

    Champion Killers issues 1-3 hardcover collected edition with bonus sketches and notes.

  • Thrill RideR

    Thrill RideR - an exciting new graphic novel written as the plot for a movie. Action, adventure, romance near future coaster technology