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What’s popular

Exquisite Ink 2.0: Fine Handcrafted Wood Pens

Signature wood pens to capture any idea, record each thought, & author every story. Handcrafted one at a time. Stretch goals unlocked!

Project We Love
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A Hill in Natchez - Seven meditations on race and power

From Director Joe Horton, A Hill in Natchez is a piece of music, dance, and visuals premiering at The Southern Theater in July 2016

Project We Love
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The Fall - an epic theatrical adaptation

The theatrical adaptation of the epic film ‘THE FALL’ for the stage, combining theatre, live music, animation and expansive projection.

New & Noteworthy

Project We Love
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Cannibals & Carpet Fitters

A group of carpet fitters get trapped at a job and have to fight off the Cannibal family to survive. Based on award winning short film.

Project We Love
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A nomadic online quarterly providing an in-depth and multifaceted anthology of the voices and experiences that fill out a place.

Project We Love
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HoloGrid: Monster Battle (Augmented Reality Board Game)

Tactical Battle CCG using AR & the monsters of VFX Legend Phil Tippett to create a new hybrid board/digital gaming experience!