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What’s popular

Project We Love
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The Coffeemonsters Book – Illustrations made from coffee

Here we go! The coffee book. The monsters book. Your book. My book. The Coffeemonsters Book. Coffeelicious with all their stories.

La Generación del 16

"La Generación del 16" is a show that brings some of NYC's next generation of flamenco artists to experiment and question tradition.

Memories of a Lullaby goes to Brighton Fringe 2016!

A one woman show based on a true life-story about growing up in Venezuela between horror & beauty, desperation & hope.

New & Noteworthy

Project We Love
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UnReal Estate- Television Pop-Art Book by artist Tim Doyle

A deluxe hardcover collection of "UnReal Estate"- the sold-out television-themed silkscreen pop-art prints by artist Tim Doyle.

Project We Love
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Immersit - Awesome Motion & Vibration Device Under Your Sofa

The ultimate motion generating device for games and movies so that each explosion and sharp turn are experienced from your couch.

Project We Love
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Dimensional - a ground-breaking VR-only experience

An experimental VR game with innovative movement mechanics. Use physical actions to navigate dangerous chambers and save an alien race.