Best places to advertise apps?
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This depends largely on your budget and your ability to make connections. For the sake of giving advice I'll assume you have no budget, which means that your best advertiser is the person on your team who knows tons about the product, is passionate, has good people skills, and excels at communication. Once that person is determined, your job is to get them to do shows, blogs, videos, podcasts, etc with influencers in your field both big and small to help leverage their audience to your favor. You must also make sure that you are adding value to the influencers who are in possession of that audience. This may be just by giving them great content to share, it might be sharing your audience with them in return, and it may be a monetary exchange.Given your product, I would reach out to up and coming YouTubers who are hungry for exposure and would likely be keen to the idea of being on the front line of your app and are likely to be your early adopters. (Perhaps offer to feature them on the app once its launched?) After you have targeted them it's all about building your presentation to them and their audience.Advice on reaching out to influencers, reach out to them where their audience is the thinnest. If they have 10k subscribers on Youtube but only 2K followers on twitter, DM them on twitter because they are more likely to hear you there. I could talk on this topic for miles, but I'll spare you the dissertation lol. Last tip, an new app that is attracting youtubers and that you could reach out to them easily with a good chance of reply, is called "Anchor".I hope I've helped a bit, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask I'm more than happy to help (Plus I'm a marketing major so I sorta love this stuff lol)All the best,Zack Applewhite - Betta Games
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