How did you decide which fulfillment company to work with?
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We decided to use Integracore in the USA and Ideaspatcher (now renamed "Nift" - please note the edit note below) in the EU.  The main reason for choosing each of these is that they offered a combine-assemble-shrinkwrap need that we had at the time (rare, but needed). The secondary reason we chose Ideaspatcher is that they will act as your "Importer of Record" in the EU.  That means they pre-pay VAT on the manufacturing side of things, so customers don't have to front-door pay VAT on the retail value side of things.Integracore was ok to work with, but pretty pricey.  I don't think we'd choose them again unless more shrink-wrapping shenanigans was needed.  Shipnaked (aside from their not-so-household-friendly name) is now really trying to storm the Kickstarter fulfillment market with a pretty solid business and pricing model.  We'll see if they accomplish what they're setting out to do.  We'll be working with them on our next project to assess what they bring to the table.Happyshops in Germany has been pretty great, but there's a pretty significant language barrier, otherwise has been excellent.EDIT: I dislike saying something disparaging, but I'm here to serve you, not the companies I've worked with.  To this end I share that working with Ideaspatcher has been a terrible experience in the long run.  They delayed shipping our products over 6 weeks (costing us over $3500), and are still holding our excess items that should be returned to us for over 5 months as of the time of this writing, and are now ignoring my emails on the topic.  We are not the only company they have wounded in 2016, and so they have renamed themselves "Nift" to dodge the bad press.  They are strictly to be avoided.  Sorry for the negative news.Heart if this was helpful.Warm regards,John Wrot!Gate Keeper GamesMore advice at www.gatekeepergaming.com
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