Why we're retiring Campus and where you can get advice from fellow creators

Campus will be retired by the end of this spring. Over the last four years, we've learned so much about creators’ needs, and the commitment of actively managing a Q&A space. In an effort to preserve these conversations, we'll be moving some of the most active threads into the Creator Toolkit.

Thank you for sharing your expertise and for asking questions. The conversations that took place on Campus will help us build better programs and resources for creators hoping to share their knowledge with one another.

Write to us at creators@kickstarter.com to share feedback about your Campus experience. Keep an eye on Kickstarter Magazine’s Creator Toolkit for ongoing advice on running a campaign.

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Thank you for having a place like Campus where we can ask questions of the community and seasoned backers can share their experiences.  I found it a vital part of setting up a successful campaign.  I didn't participate much, because many of the questions were already here and answered.  

I felt that there was a lot of gaps in the creator toolkit that having a forum-like place to talk to other creators filled.

That said, some of the questions I did ask never made it to campus because they were forwarded to the technical support team when really what I needed was understanding, not technical support.  

I do hope you have something like campus in the future.  Maybe something more active like a curated forum that is easier for creators and new creators to share experiences.  

Thanks so much for all your help and for making Kickstarter awesome.  My book is here, I've started fulfilling my backer's rewards today.  This wouldn't be possible without kickstarter.  

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Douglas Sun
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Well, all I can say is that if you're going to let Campus become a shambles, then you might as well close the whole thing down.

Recently, it has gotten to the point where it was taking so long to screen people's questions that by the time they actually appeared on Campus, they had gotten tired of waiting and wandered off without seeing the helpful answers they were given. I can point to a at least one instance where a creator's post — and this is someone who really needed good advice — didn't appear until after his campaign had ended.

It's better to not even pretend that you're offering people help than to fool them.

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