When is the best time of day / week / year to launch a Kickstarter project?

What else should creators keep in mind when creating their project timeline? How important is the time of day or day of the week a project begins and ends?

Kickstarter looked at some trends around the most popular day of the week to launch and most popular times of day to pledge and published the findings here. It would be great to learn more about your experiences or successes with different launch times.

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John Wrot!
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This is a great question and that's some great data.  I'll say that some of it could be potentially skewed.  Why?

Well if everyone starts to believe that Wednesday is the best day for pledges, then people start campaigns on wednesday, or ending them, and there ends up inflation on that day.  What matters is what day is the best for pledges MID-CAMPAIGN and START of Campaign, and END of campaign.  So I'd take those daily numbers with a grain of salt.

Weekdays are KNOWN for being better than weekend, anyone can tell you that, so Wednesday being at the center gets a lot of "Tuesday Launches" and "Thursday Ends".    The differenece from 1 day to the next on those charts are also minimal during the week, so while they're fascinating to study, there's simply not enough information to draw conclusions.


#1) Launch ONLY after your project is fully built and been reviewed and revised at least 2-3 times (by strangers).

#2) If your product is seasonal, launch in the same season.  It's shown to be better than delivering in the right season.

#3) Don't end on a Sunday.  It won't kill you, but it won't help.  Don't launch on one either.

#4) Project length should should stick close to 30 +/- days.  It really does help.

Best to you!



Dave & Calvin Laituri
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Hi - we've run 5 of our own projects and coached about 12, and Tuesday's seem to work the best (vs Monday's or Wednesdays). Time of year? ...how about 'now'? ; ) Seriously, you may want to work backwards from your shipping period - stay away from November/December shipping if you can avoid it.


Greg Reynolds
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Since the beginning and ending week are most important, avoid losing any days due to a long weekend or holiday. If you must go thru a holiday, let it be in the middle. Launch early to mid week.


Lay Waste Games LLC
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This is some great data! As a first time creator, it was tough to make decisions on time of year and day etc etc. In the end, rather than rush to launch a project or delay for a better month, we decided to launch when we were ready. It would have been great to line it up with a strong month, but if you have done your homework, I think the community recognizes that and responds in kind. If finagling a project into a strong month means fulfillment will be harder, think twice! Getting your amazing product to you backers is a priority :)