What are the rules on Campus?

We built Campus so creative people could meet, talk, and share knowledge with one another. It’s a place to ask and answer questions, and a place to trade stories, ideas, and advice. The guidelines are pretty simple:


  • Ask real questions, give real answers, and share knowledge with the people around you.
  • Keep things on-topic. For Campus, that means talking about how to create things, and how to use Kickstarter to do it.
  • Be gracious, and treat people with respect.


  • Pitch, spam, or soapbox.
  • Promote your campaign here. This includes soliciting feedback on your project. Try sharing it with close friends and collaborators instead.
  • Ask questions for Kickstarter staff. If you need support or want to suggest a new feature, you can get in touch with us right here!
  • Be a jerk. You already know how to behave yourself, but if you need a refresher

Questions that break these rules won’t get posted, and answers or comments that break these rules may be deleted or edited.

Thanks for joining the conversation, and thanks for helping us keep this a nice place!

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