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Does anyone have any idea how to integrate some better analytics into the current Kickstarter system? I'd like to use Facebook ads to promote my project, but am struggling to track the efficacy, as the analytics on the Kickstarter page aren't detailed/specific enough. Any ideas?
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We are currently live on Kickstarter and 7 days in at $234k. We allocated a budget to Facebook Ads and after testing with small $ across 20 ads in week 1, we've dwindled it down to 3 that are performing at 3-6% CTR & 3-6.0 ROI. That means for every $1 spent we are seeing $3-6 in return. our Total conversion (as found in Google Analytics - can explain more soon) is around 1.3% off of facebook in total but this includes more than just the Ads. My best guess is you are getting abotu a .5-1% conversion on Facebook Ads.

This means, if you drive 1,000 clicks to your website (DO NOT USE FACEBOOK CLICKS, USE A BITLY TRACKER!) you would gain 1 pledge. This is NOT bad. We are about to upgrade to Google PreRoll because our videos are performing best and an ROI of 6 is not going to boost our campaign as much as we hoped given our small budget.

In summary here are my key takeaways:

1. Use Facebook Ads to generate pledges & brand awareness.
2. Facebook Analytics (find "manage ads") are not 100% accurate and fail to track conversions and clicks accurately. Use BITLY to track your clicks (each ad has a custom Bitly, put that bitly with + after to see clicks&data) and use Google Analytics to track conversions.
3. Conversions will still be hard to track, because lots of people will see the ad, open a new tab, go to kickstarter or google and search for your campaign. 
4. Market CTR on Facebook is 1.8%. Try running 20-40 ads at $50 to get a good idea of what will work. Pick the winners and move on to other parts of your campaign. Gain an ROI of 3+ to really make a difference.

I am beginning a campus thread HERE to track my experience about Google Analytics. This will be abit more intense. Maybe can also repost BITLY + FACEBOOK AD info. Once we run Youtube Preroll, will post that as well. SUBSCRIBE! 


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Hi Arrowstorm,

We've launched two campaigns in the past that were successfully funded, and are in the midst of running a third campaign now which has hit its funding goal (http://kck.st/1HBJ9Z9).  This was the first time we've run Facebook ads, and we've been pleased with the results.  When you set your ads up at Facebook, you'll have access to a dashboard that shows how many people are clicking on your ad, and how much you're paying for each click.  Now, I don't know if any of those people backed our project or not, but we definitely noticed that our video got more plays when our ad was active.

The nice thing about Facebook ads is that they can be tailored to fit any budget.  Seriously, you can run an ad for as little as $1.  So I definitely suggest creating one, as any exposure to your project will be great for creating awareness of your brand, even if it doesn't turn into immediate backers.



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I recommend not creating a Facebook ad that will run too wide. I think Kickstarter is a community that's supported by early adopters, and the hope is to find those who are super passionate about whatever niche you're going for. Another thing to remember is that you can test multiple verticals for who might be a target demographic, and you don't have to spend much to test each (usually the cheaper the cost per click is a good way to tell if the targeting is performing better).



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I'm a little bit late here, but Kickstarter added Google Analytics support last spring. Just add your Google Analytics tracking ID while you're setting up your project. This should allow for more fine-tuned tracking.

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You can also laser-target your facebook ads using an email list of opt-in users. For example - if you have people who are interested in your product visit your website - register. Then you can upload that list of emails into Facebook and only advertise to those individuals. I think this is a great tool because even though people have said they want to receive information from you - hammering them with emails every day is just flat out annoying - so whatever you do - don't abuse your own subscribers. But, having facebook ads simply pop up in the feed for the day I feel is a great way to keep in front of them - and the systems to track that facebook has put together are spectacular. I am continued to be amazed at the back-end systems that FB has assembled.

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