How do you continue to grow your community after you're funded? Does it get easier or harder?

How can a creator handle the demands of growing a community while still communicating with Kickstarter backers and working to complete their project? Are there ways to roll all these things up into one? Do you have to hire someone?
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Ronak Patel
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I'm still in the beginning stages of this as well, but for us, we've found that opening up additional pre-orders directly from our site has been quite helpful in continuing building our community. Of course, the most important thing is to ensure that you're focused on fulfilling your initial Kickstarter adopters, as they're the ones that got you to where you are now. Updates are, of course, the best way to do this. 

We've handled consolidating all of this by pushing all Kickstarter backers, as well as new community members into a single mailing list. So for anyone that joins in post-campaign, you're able to send out email updates to everyone associated, not just your Kickstarter backers. MailChimp is very helpful for this, as is Shopify, as they allow for MailChimp integration where new buyers are able to accept email marketing directly from our site, and are automatically added to that pre-existing email list.

Finally, having a way for interested parties to put an email address down somewhere on your website will make it even easier to throw them in to your MailChimp account. I guess the bottom line is that having a consolidated list of emails for all Kickstarter backers, new buyers, as well as interested parties makes it a pretty seamless ecosystem to reach out to your community. 



Doug Monahan
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Communication with your backers is critical at all stages - before the campaign even starts, during the campaign, and after the campaign. Keep your backers up-to-date about what you are working on. Make sure they understand what you are doing in order to make your product, service better. Listen to what the backers have to say and heed their suggestions. You will ultimately wind up with a far better product and have a great experience getting to know your backers.

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