Help setting my goal, do I including shipping?

Hi, I'm trying to figure out what my goal should be.

If my item + shipping supplies cost $970 TOTAL and then backerkit+ kickstarter fees = 15% (so probably around $150?)

 So my goal should be about $1,200 ...? right? 

Do I need to factor shipping to the buyer into my goal? If so, how do I estimate this when I have no idea how many backers I will have and whether they are domestic or international? I already weighed my item with various packing so I know how much it will cost to ship, $3 domestic and  $14 max international.

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Earl Brown, Project leader
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Backers appreciate (an respond to) free shipping of course, so I'd increase pledge levels to cover free shipping US, and charge the $14 for foreign.

You might be able to reduce the foreign charge - it's called FIMS 'FedEx International Mail Service'


It's a FedEx air shipping service. It delivers packages to local post offices from a FedEx aircraft, which the P.O. then delivers locally.

Cheap, with an added bonus it minimizes duty and custom fees on overseas deliveries.

How cheap? Here's one seller's experience shipping his product via FIMS:

      USPS - $13.75      FIMS - $  4.00

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