Have you received any organic media coverage from journalists who discovered you via Kickstarter.com?

I believe the actual crowdfunding website (Kickstarter) makes a difference as much as the project. I never issued a press release, but I did get media for my first project who found me on Kickstarter. I wondered if others had similar experiences.

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Jason Cooper and Jay Armitage
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Yes, I think it's possible. We had a few press inquiries come in from our Kickstarter page (including after the campaign ended). However, I think it's safer to assume that your choice in crowdfunding platform isn't going to garner anything in terms or press or promotion. Ultimately, press outreach and marketing in general will fall on the shoulders of the creator. Build relationships with writers who cover your industry, reach out to them when you launch. Relying on 'stumbled upon' coverage is likely going to leave you wishing you'd done more.

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Alex Eames - RasPi.TV
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Yes I did with my first project which was in November 2013. Back then it seemed that a successful KS was a news story over here in the UK (mind you I did raise £55k in 50.5 hours). There was one tech journalist who got in touch through KS, by email. He wrote the story, then pretty much all the other journos in the world copied him instead of bothering to get in touch with me.

It was an interesting experience to find out just how sloppy journalists really are.

These days though crowdfunding is not a new thing, so the project has to be fairly special to get press attention.



Isaias J. Perez
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Yes i had a news channel contact me to be in their inventors show. (sadly i can't tell you which channel, i wish i could).