Do any UK Kickstarters have advice on postage/shipping strategies?

We were wondering where to start in terms of handling worldwide shipping costs on postage from the UK? 

How do we present these costs to our potential backers in a way that is clear to understand?

Does anyone have any experience for instance in using fulfilment companies?

Any advice gratefully received, thanks...

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A great question.  Look into Amazon Fulfillment "Multi-channel".  There are fulfillment centers all over the world for this.  It honestly doesn't matter where you start.  This really only works if you have a large volume of sales, I'd say at least 1,000 or more.  If you only have a couple hundred sales, just fulfill them yourself with Royal Mail. 

If you use fulfillment centers around the globe I'd look into amazon's small business competitors, Interfulfillment in CAN, Ideaspatcher in France (serving all of the EU), and some misc ones in Australia (though not necessary unless your product is worth a lot.)  The main reason to use fulfillment centers is to pre-pay VAT fees in these areas.  Since you're already in the EU and the USA doesn't have VAT, you really only need to worry about Canada.  Shipping in Canada is a fortune though, so do your research.

More details on page 2 of this article: www.gatekeepergaming.com/article-7-budgets/

As far as presenting these costs... honestly... I'd present them in US dollars.  The largest portion of your sales will come from the USA. Period.  Make it easy for them, post everything in your campaign in USD.  We don't know the exchange rate to British pounds off the top of our heads, and looking it up for each Tier's value can be a hassle.  Play the game to get sales.  It is what it is.  -  Also find a way to ship US sales from within the US (lots of small fulfillment companies in the US).  Removes the other major hurdle to US sales; again: your largest market.

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I am sure an advance country like UK will have advice on postage or shipping!

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